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Advantages and Work of Split Solar Street Light

As the world prepares for international warming and sustainable living, the popularity of solar street lights will only increase. Some governments have begun to incorporate and, in some parts of the world, offer subsidies to consumers interested in purchasing solar-powered lighting. There have actually been substantial developments in LED lighting innovation and photovoltaics: there are several advantages to harnessing solar lighting, not just financial ones. They are very reliable and great for setup. There are two different types of solar lights, one is an integrated solar street light, and the other is a split solar street light, these two solar street lights are the most widely used. So what are the advantages of split solar street light? How does it work?


1. Understand split solar street light


Split solar street light means that the solar panels, batteries and LED lights are all designed separately. Different from one-piece street light and one-piece solar street light, split solar street light like an Anern solar street light is flexible combination of different capacities of individual components. For example, for some places with a lot of rain, we can increase the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery to alleviate the concern about the installation space of the solar battery. In conclusion, being able to meet the specific needs of different customers, split solar street light can provide more reliable and safe lighting performance.


2. Advantages of split solar street light


Split solar street light is a flexible combination of different components in different capacities. To provide a better lighting solution, split solar street light can individually increase the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery. Split solar street light combines architectural form and versatility, making split solar street light an excellent choice for outdoor solar lighting solutions.


3. How does split solar street light work?


The solar cells in the panels of the split solar street light draw energy from the sun first during the day. This energy is then converted into electricity and stored in batteries. Once the sunlight begins to fade and the solar panel voltage drops below 5 volts, the split solar street light's LEDs will gradually begin to light up; the controller in the split solar street light typically controls battery charging and the light's operating hours and modes. Generally, split solar street lights will stay on all night, consuming the energy stored in the battery. The cycle repeats the next day. split solar street light is suitable for all outdoor environments such as streets, highways, village roads, gardens, factories, etc.

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