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Can You Assemble Solar Panel Street Lamps Yourself?

Solar panel street lamps are more environmentally friendly and more energy saving than traditional  electric lights, but there are some installation issues should be paid attention to, then can solar panel street lamps be installed by ourselves? Is it difficult?


1. The working principle of the solar panel road light


The solar panel street light can ensure that they can be used for more than 15 days in rainy and cloudy weather, and the working principle of the system is simple. During the day, solar panels made of photovoltaic effect principle receive solar radiation energy and convert it into electricity to  output, which is stored in the battery through the charging and discharging controller. At night, when the illumination gradually decreases to about 10lux and the open circuit voltage of Beijing Tianzhu solar panel is about 4.5V, the charging and discharging controller detects this voltage value and then acts, the battery discharges to the lamp head. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge, the charging and discharging controller acts and the discharging of the battery is over. The main function of charging and discharging controller is to protect the battery.


2. The installation and construction of solar panel road lights


Solar panel street lamps can be self-assembled, because the solar panel street light is composed of solar panels, maintenance-free battery, light source (generally led light source), solar panel street light controller and light rod, if you are familiar with the characteristics of the accessories, then it can be configured by yourself. But then again, how to configure the most suitable solar lighting products with the least money is not everyone can do, not to mention the after-sales problem and replacement problem after the sale of products. If you buy the parts by yourself, it's hard to make a specific judgment on whether you bought a good or bad product without being an expert, and even if you buy the same grade of products, the cost of your procurement may not be low. You could do solar street light online shopping, which is quite conveniend and low-cost.


When you want to install a solar panel road light, you have to know what situation you want the light to reach, for example, whether to keep it light up for a few hours a day, or to keep it available for several consecutive rainy days. You also need to know what the average annual radiation level is at the location where you're installing the light, and what is the discharging depth of your battery in winter, how deep underground should the battery be buried and so on. The core component of the solar panel street lamp is the battery related to solar energy power generation and its heat collection plate, while installing, you must pay attention to the accurate and strengthened installation, which can also effectively prevent street lights from being stolen. Solar panel street lights are troublesome to install by yourself, generally, it is recommended to find a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar panel street lights to help you solve these problems.

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