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Common Mistakes when Using Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Solar parking lot lights are an excellent alternative to standard grid powered lighting systems because solar parking lot lights require no trenching to install, use zero energy, no monthly bills, and provide a source of renewable lighting night after night. But people make some common mistakes that are easy to correct when using solar parking lot lights.


1. Solar parking lot lights: Install in the shade


Pay close attention to where solar parking lot lights are installed, especially in parking lots, as shading can be a big problem for installation. Many parking lots have trees in the middle or are installed near high-rise buildings. This is not a good idea when dealing with off-grid solar lighting systems. Solar must have full direct sunlight between 9am and 4pm year-round. If full sunlight is not available, additional engineering will be required to determine the best way to handle the solar parking lot lights installation. The solar size can be increased if there are known issues. Removing trees or moving the installation to another location in direct sunlight is another solution to this problem.


2. Solar parking lot lights: choose any wattage


A lot of people choose arbitrary wattages that don't require the correct lighting for directional LEDs, and there's no practical equivalent. That's not good, it's better to understand what your project needs, what it requires and what constraints you may have, and make visual requirements to determine where to place lights and the light distribution needed to illuminate the area. Not only will this save you money, but you will also be able to determine the light levels required to illuminate your parking lot. Commercial solar powered parking lot lights would be a great choice.


3. Solar parking lot lights: not providing enough storage space


Solar parking lot lights without sufficient storage space may cause the battery system to be constantly replaced when bad weather occurs. If you are installing solar parking lot lights in cooler climates, it is recommended that you add a backup battery to your solar system, as batteries discharge differently in colder environments. Also, cooler climates tend to have more consecutive severe weather days than warmer climates. solar parking lot lights providing this extra backup also extends battery life, ensuring you have lower maintenance costs over the life of your system. Instead of replacing the battery every year, you only need to go out for maintenance every five years or so. This reduces your operating costs while providing the security of a reliable solar parking lot lights system.

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