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Do Solar Plant Systems Emit Radiation?

There are two ways of solar power generation in solar plant system, one is the conversion of light, heat and electricity, and the other is the direct conversion of light to electricity.


1. Principle of solar plant system


The principle of solar plant system: the conversion of light, heat, motion and electricity to generate electricity by utilizing the thermal energy generated by solar radiation. Generally, the solar collector converts the absorbed thermal energy into the steam of the working medium, and then drives the steam turbine to generate electricity. The former process is the light-heat conversion process; the latter process is the heat-dynamic conversion into electricity and the final conversion process, which is the same as ordinary thermal power generation. The disadvantage of solar thermal power generation is its low efficiency and high cost. It is estimated that its investment is at least 5 to 10 times more expensive than that of ordinary power stations.


Direct conversion of light and electricity, which uses the photoelectric effect to directly convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy. The basic device for light and electricity conversion is the solar cell. A solar cell is a device that directly converts sunlight energy into electrical energy due to the photovoltaic effect, and is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode converts the light energy of the sun into electricity, which produces an electric current. When many cells are connected in series or in parallel, it can become a solar cell array with relatively large output power. Solar cells are a promising new type of power source with three advantages: permanence, cleanliness and flexibility. Solar cells have a long life, as long as the sun exists, solar cells can be used for a long time with one investment. Compared with thermal power generation, solar cells do not cause environmental pollution.


2. Does solar plant system have radiation?


The solar plant system has no radiation. For solar power generation, the power generation mechanism is completely the direct conversion of energy, and no other products are generated in the process, so no additional radiation is generated. If you want to buy solar plant system, Anern shop is one of the best online solar store.


The solar plant system mainly includes: solar cell components, controllers, batteries, inverters, loads, etc. Among them, the solar cell components and batteries are the power supply system, the controller and the inverter are the control and protection system, and the load is the system terminal.


Generally speaking, "radiation" refers to those radiations that are harmful to human cells, such as those that can cause cancer, and those that have a high probability of causing genetic mutation. Generally, they include short-wave radiation and some high-energy particle streams. The solar plant system is radiation free.

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