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Solar-powered Led Street Lamps Are Not Only Illuminating but Also Pleasing to the Eye

1. Solar led street lamps with different design styles


If street lights were mainly used for lighting in the past, then solar street lights are not satisfied with this now. They illuminate at night, and they are also beautiful scenery during the day. In other words, solar LED street lights are not only illuminating but also pleasing to the eye.


The different design styles of solar led street lamps not only can change people's mood, improve people's mood, but also can change people's ideas, and create a light and dark night like palettes. During the day, solar powered led street lights can be embellished with urban landscape when it is not bright; at night, solar led street lights can not only provide necessary lighting and convenience of life, increase the security sense of residents, but also highlight the bright spots of the city and deduce a bright beautiful style. So they are still in use today and have developed a mature industry chain.


Today, solar led street lamps are constantly innovative, and now many different elements of the lamp cap, as well as light rods, are designed to adorn the city landscape. Among them, there are European-style art elements, which are also add abstract forms of expression; and modern art elements, which use the simple style of expression; Street lights have strong light effects, good color rendering performance, so that they can meet the normal use in ultra-low temperature environment. Different street lamps have different styles, in order to cater to the design style of urban buildings and meet people's using.


2. The light source design of solar led street lights


When designing the light source, we should use light energy reasonably to avoid glare. In this way, the light emitted by the lamp head should be reflected along the requested angle to make it present the specified pattern while falls on the road surface, the light is spread evenly, the road surface is bright, and the glare is small. According to the way of road section, width, vehicle and pedestrian condition, street lights like 300w led solar street lights can be symmetrical layout on both sides of the road, interleaved on both sides of the road, one side of the layout, etc. Generally speaking, the road with width beyond 20 meters and the road to welcome guests can think about the symmetrical layout on both sides; The road width exceeds 15 meters, the two sides of interwoven layout can be considered; Narrow roads can be arranged one side. Now, solar powered led street lights also have the requirements of energy saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which is indeed a good choice.


Solar led street lamps are not only illuminating but also pleasing to the eye. With the development of science and technology, we are looking forward to more high-tech and beautiful solar street lamps coming to us.

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