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The Working Principle of Led Solar Integrated Lamp

Solar energy generally refers to the radiation energy of the sun's rays, which is generally used to generate electricity in the modern. Since the formation of the Earth, the creatures have lived mainly on heat and light provided by the sun, and since ancient times, human beings have also known how to use sunlight to dry things and make it as a method of preserving food, such as making salt and drying salted fish, etc. However, it is only with the decrease of fossil fuels that the solar energy is deliberately being developed further by people. The utilization of solar energy has two ways: passive utilization (LTHC) and photovoltaic conversion. Solar power generation can be used as an emerging renewable energy. In a broad sense, solar energy is the source of much energy on the earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.


On the issue of chosing our street lights, solar street lights have become the choice of many cities, and among the many types of solar street lights, LED solar integrated lamps are the most widely used products in the construction of city street lights, then what is the working principle of our LED solar integrated lamps?


1. Know the LED solar integrated lamp


LED solar integrated lamps like 300w led solar street lights outdoor are solar street lamps that integrate high efficiency solar panels, long life lithium batteries, high light efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human sensing modules, and anti-theft mounting brackets, etc.


2. Understand the working principle of led solar integrated lamps


The led solar integrated lamps are converted from solar panels into electricity, and then charges the lithium battery in the LED solar integrated light. During the day, even in cloudy days, this solar panel collects and stores the energy needed, which is automatically supplied to the led solar integrated lamp at night to achieve night lighting. At the same time, LED solar integrated lamps have PIR human sensing function, which can achieve the working mode of intelligent human body infrared induction controlled light at night. When there is someone, the light will be 100% bright, and after people leaving, it will automatically change to 1/3 of the brightness after a certain time delay, which can intelligently save more energy. At the same time, solar energy as a kind of "inexhaustible to last without limit" new energy plays an important role in the LED solar integrated lamp.


The above is the introduction of some LED solar integrated lamps' situations, I hope you can understand it. You can refer to it. I believe that everyone can see that our LED solar integrated light is a very good type of street lights. In the current urban construction, LED solar integrated lamps are definitely a good choice when choosing street lights.

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