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What Are the Advantages of Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights over Traditional Parking Lot Lights?

Usually, outdoor parking lots have lots of open space. If grid electric parking lights are installed, they will need to be connected to the grid and run wires. However, solar parking lot lights are independently designed and work alone, and these problems do not exist, so solar parking lot lights are used more and more. What are the advantages of solar parking lot lights over traditional street lights?


1. solar parking lot lights can be installed anywhere without wires


Since the solar parking lot lights do not need to be connected to the grid, there are site restrictions for the installation. Can be installed on remote islands, remote camps, rural roads, etc. In addition to these remote areas, solar street lights can also be installed in areas prone to natural disasters, because these areas have higher requirements for safety performance. For example, some countries stipulate that AC lighting cannot be installed by rivers, so DC solar street lights are a good choice.


Solar parking lot lights like commercial solar powered parking lot lights save time and money by eliminating the need to dig trenches for traditional electrical wiring. Instead, installing bolts on a concrete foundation, with solar modules and light fixtures on top of the poles, can provide you with lighting in less than a day, rather than weeks of digging and pouring new concrete.


2. solar parking lot lights have no electricity charges and maintenance-free


Because the solar parking lot lights are 100% powered by the sun, they are 100% off-grid lighting systems. It does not generate any electricity bills and does not cause any pollution to nature. It is also a 100% green energy lighting system, so solar parking lot lights have been well used in some countries and regions with high electricity bills.


With the improvement and update of solar cell technology, this makes the quality of solar parking lot lights very stable. And, based on our installation records and project engineering data, the failure rate is around 0.1%, so maintenance costs are very low for dealers or solar lighting users.


3. solar parking lot lights can also be controlled intelligently


The end user of the solar parking lot lights can control the lighting mode through the remote control or mobile phone APP, and can turn on/off the solar parking lot lights, adjust the brightness and select the lighting mode according to the weather conditions and the usage environment. The mobile APP can detect and monitor the working status and failure of each component of the solar parking lot lights.

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