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Half-Cell Monocrystalline Silicon PV Modules

by Anern


As a kind of photoelectric semiconductor sheet that uses sunlight to directly generate electricity, solar panel is also called "solar chip" or "photocell". As long as it meets certain illuminance conditions, it can output voltage instantly and generate currentin the case of loops.

The production of half-cell monocrystalline solar panels requires mature cell slicing technology. Half-cell solar panels have excellent resistance to hot spots, effectively avoiding power loss caused by shadow coverage, and greatly extending the service life of solar panels.

Package Content:

Solar Panel,Waterproof Junction Box,with MC4 Connectors and 1 Meter Wire

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Max. Power: 450W

Video of Half-cell Monocrystalline Silicon PV Modules


Key Features of Half-cell Monocrystalline Silicon PV Modules

High efficiency:

Module power reaches 500W, module efficiency reaches 21.25%.

Low cost per kilowatt hour:

Levelized cost of energy reduced by 3.5%, system cost reduced by 5.7%.

Low-light performance:

Relative low temperature coefficient and wide response spectrum guarantee higher power output in hazy, cloudy and other low-light conditions.

Load capacity:

Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads(2400 pascal) and snow loads(5400 pascal).

Wide application:

Widely used in BIPV, vertical installation, snow, high humidity and strong winds and sand zones, etc. and applicable to large-scale installation projects such as ground station, agricultural optics complementation, fishing and light complementation.


Specification of Half-cell Monocrystalline Silicon PV Modules



Module Efficiency


Front Glass

White toughened safety glass, 3.2mm


210*105 Mono solar cells

Back Sheet

high weatherability backsheet


Anodized aluminum profile

Junction Box

IP68,TUV,two diodes


Length 1200mm,1×4mm²


Compatible with MC4


25 years

Application of Half-cell Monocrystalline Silicon PV Modules

Solar panels are the most visible part of a solar system and are a surprisingly simple and reliable way to generate electricity,they collect energy from the Sun in the form of sunlight and convert it into electricity that can be used to power your homes or businesses. Half-cell modules have solar cells that are cut in half, which improves the module’s performance and durability.