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100w All in One Solar Street Light for Highway

by Anern


The AN-SLA 100w all-in-one solar street light integrates solar panels, solar lithium batteries, controllers and LED light sources in one. This series uses the current most popular integration scheme design, and combined with the new appearance design. The biggest difference with the traditional All in one solar street light is the first to used the adjustable structure of LED module, can be adjusted from different angles according to different lighting requirements. It greatly improves the applicability of the product.

Package Content:

1 x 100W Solar Street Light,1 x blacket,1 x bag of Screws,1 x Remote Control,1 x User Manual,(1 x Angle Adjustable Rack),(1 x Wifi Camera )

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Video of 100w All in One Solar Street Light


Key Features of 100w All in One Solar Street Light

  • The Angle of LED module can be adjusted up to 25 degrees, Can be used in a variety of road conditions.
  • Adjustable Angle LED module, COB module, square LED module, three options for you choice. There must be one meets your requirements.
  • High resolution with 90 degree view angle; solar lamps and camera are integrated, no additional installation; Easy operation with WIFI connection.
  • Equipped with brand new lithium iron phosphate batteries, rejecting second-hand batteries, guaranteeing an 8-year service life.

Specification of 100w All in One Solar Street Light for Highway



Luminous Efficiency 210LM/W, Bridgelux 3030 led chips

Solar panel

18V 130W



Install height

Suggested to be 7~10 meters

Guard Level


Solar charging time

8~9 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time

4-5 nights

Housing Material

Aluminium alloy + PMMA

Lamp size


Working temperature

-25℃ to 65℃


5 years

Package Dimension

Gross Weight

193*11*44cm  29*22*30cm(accessories )



Applications All in One Solar Street Light for Highway

Ideal for urban roads and secondary trunk roads, parking lot, square,playground lighting, community road lighting,island lighting,industrial zone, science and technology park, bridges and municipalities projects etc.

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