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180w Solar Powered Parking Lot Street Lights

by Anern


The AN-ISGL05-180W solar parking light is a cost-effective solar light, specially designed for rural roads, parking lots, home courtyards, commercial and industrial park road lighting. This product adopts high conversion A class solar panel and large-capacity lifepo4 lithium battery, which ensures the high bright and long time lighting. Compared with similar products on the market, its brightness has been improved by 30% and it supports 12hrs lighting per night.

Package Content:

1 x Solar Lamp,1 x Remote Control,1 x User Manual

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Anern commercial solar powered street lights price of bulk order


Video of 180w Solar Powered Parking Lot Street Lights


Key Features of 180w Solar Powered Parking Lot Street Lights

  • High luminous LED chips, uniform lighting distribution, super bright and no dazzling
  • No wiring required, simple and easy to install. It can be wall or pole mounting to meet different installation requirements.
  • Large-capacity A class lifepo4 lithium battery, new energy vehicle battery quality level, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, with a service life of 3-5 years.
  • Intelligent photocell control, auto charging in daytime and turn on for lighting at night.
  • High efficiency PIR radar sensor, 6-10m long-distance sensing. Auto bright lighting when people pass by and turns to energy-saving mode when people leave away, no need human operation, intelligently adjust for various weather changes.


Anern commercial solar powered street lights intelligent photocell control
Anern commercial solar powered street lights high luminous LED chips
Anern commercial solar powered street lights large capacity
Anern commercial solar powered street lights no wiring required

Specification of 180w Solar Powered Parking Lot Street Lights



Luminous Efficiency 150LM/W, Epistar 3030 led chips

Solar panel




Install height

Suggested to be 2~3 meters

Guard Level


Solar charging time

9~10 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time

2-3 nights

Housing Material

Aluminium alloy + PMMA

Lamp size


Working temperature

0℃ to 65℃


2 years


Applications of Solar Parking Lot Light with Motion Sensor

Very suitable for parking lots, parking areas, stadiums, streets, roads, garages, playgrounds, gardens, courtyards, etc.

Anern solar parking lot lights have been installed in many parking areas and courtyards and provide security, sustainability and an overall green image.

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