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200w Light Control Solar Street Light for Highway

by Anern


AN-SL-X 200W light-control solar street light is a high-power engineering solar lighting product. With the development of solar lighting technology and the continuous improvement of lighting requirement, high-power solar lights have been more and more needful in the past two years. This product is customized to meet the needs of high-power lighting projects. Large-wattage double-sided solar panels and large-capacity lithium battery ensure that the lamp can have an ultra-bright lighting effect even at a height of more than 10 meter.

Package Content:

1 x Solar Lamp,1 x Solar Panel,1 x Remote Control,Accessories,1 x User Manual

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Video of 200w Light Control Solar Street Light for Highway


Key Features of 200w Light Control Solar Street Light for Highway

  • Excellent high-strength structural design withhigh-quality aluminum ensures that the solar light can adapt to all kinds of
  • Double-sided solar panels are adoptedto generate electricit The power generation is 30% higher than normal solar panels. It ensures that the daily power generation can meet the needs of lighting power.
  • Customized intelligent control system, by optimizing brightness and power, the solar lightcan last for up to 8 rainy days.
  • Customized adjustable angle bracket, the angle can be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the road to ensure the effectiveness of lighting.
  • Equipped with brand-new LifePo4 lithium batteriesand rejected second-hand batteries ensure 8 years of service life.


200W Solar Street Light Description

200W solar street light for highway is specially designed for highway, it has good heat dissipation performance, high luminous efficiency and long working life, can provide good illumination at night.

This solar street light 200w is a full range of lighting applications, including outside parking lot lighting, urban square, pedestrian areas and car parks. This solar led street light 200w is applicable to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal areas as well as highways with different types of light control modes. Find more solar powered street lights for sale now!


Specification of 200w Light Control Solar Street Light for Highway



Luminous Efficiency 210LM/W, Bridgelux 3030 led chips

Solar panel

36V 260W



Install height

Suggested to be 8~12 meters

Guard Level


Solar charging time

6~8 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time

7-10 nights

Housing Material

Aluminium alloy + PMMA

Lamp size


Solar Panel Size 1980*675mm

Working temperature

-25℃ to 65℃


5 years


Applications of Light Control Urban Street Solar Lighting

For municipalities, highways, roadways, parking lots, schools, industrial parks, island lighting, bridge and rural development projects, this series street light systems are reliable and effective.


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