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AN-PPB200 200W Portable Solar Generator Power Station

by Anern


More and more self-driving travel enthusiasts, outdoor travel teams, as well as individual players popping out no matter in Europe or the United States, or even inside our country, which makes the demand for portable power supply surging day by day. The diversified functions of such products provide users with power supply, lighting and other uses, which enriches outdoor life. It can cope with power failure, lighting, SOS rescue and other needs, which is particularly important in earthquakes, hurricanes and other severe natural disasters. As "Short-distance self-driving", "picnic camping", "outdoor live aerial photography" and "stall economy" have become a boom, this market will see further growth.

Package Content:

1 x AC Adapter,1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
,1 x Car Charger,1 x User Manual

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Anern 200w portable power station bulk order quote


Key Features of 200W Portable Power Supply

  • Two-level developments, low-capacity and high-capacity.
  • USB-C interface and USB PD fast charging, ease of use.
  • LED and LCD screens, clear glance on working status.
  • Widely used in outdoor travel, emergency disaster relief and additionally become power supply to medical equipment!
  • Battery fast charging technology to equip the portable power supply with lithium generator.


200w Portable Power Station Description

The 200w portable power station is a revolutionary battery backup system that provides back up power when you need it most. It combines the convenience of a compact, lightweight power station and allows for true portability so you can take it anywhere, including remote locations with no access to electric sockets.

Bring power to your home or camp, with the 200w portable power station. Featuring a built-in 200 watt inverter, this convenient and environmentally friendly 200w portable power station is great for keeping essentials like lights, refrigerators and medical equipment running during blackouts.


Video of of 200W Portable Power Supply


Specification of 200W Portable Power Supply


Rated Power: 200W, Maximum Power: 280W, Peak Power: 400W


Lithium-ion 222WH


AC Adapter: 15V3A - Fully Charged Time: 6-7 hours

Car Charger: 13.6V1.8A - Fully Charged Time: 14 hours

Solar Panel: MPPT 14-22V/3A(Max)

Suggested Solar Panel Power: 16V 50W (Recommended)


1.AC: 110V 60HZ

2.DC: 9-12.6V/10A (14.5A Max)

3.USB: 5V/2.4A

4.USB QC3.0, 5-12V/18W

5.Type-C PD5-12V/18W

LED Light

2W Ultra bright LED, Light / Blink / SOS


1xAC Adapter, 1xCigarette Lighter Adapter, 1xCar Charger, 1xUser Manual






1 years


Application of 200W Portable Power Supply

Ideal for mobile office, outdoors travel, camper, lighting, fishing, outdoor photography, open-air concert, beach wedding, emergency power supply etc.

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