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5.5KW Off-grid Solar System Bulit in Lithium Battery

by Anern


The AN-OFF-SGHP 5.5kW solar system is a self-sustainable for a home, small office or shops, this 5.5kW system offered by Anern Solar is unique in offering as It comes in 48 Volt design, it is powered by Lithium battery and Super High efficiency shingled 440W solar panels. This combo is made of World’s most advanced technological products.

Anern System offers Cutting Edge Technology, State of the Art Quality with Greater Functionality than our competitors, at Competitive prices.

Package Content:

With 8pcs Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module(450W), 1pcs Solar Inverter(5.5Kw), 2pcs Lifepo4 Battery, Solar Panel Bracket, Cables, 3pcs Circuit Breaker And 1pcs Wifi Monitoring Module

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Specification of 5.5KW Off-grid Solar System Bulit in Lithium Battery

System Basic Information: Average daily generation: 16-18KWH
Rated Loads Capacity: 5500W
Solar Panel(8pcs) Type: Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module
Max Power: 450W
Size: 2094*1038*35mm
25 years power output guarantee
Solar Inverter(1pcs) Rated Ouput Power: 5500W
Rated DC Voltage: 48V
Grid Power Input:
    Grid Input Voltage: 220VAC
    Input frequency: 50HZ
Inverter Output:
    Output Voltage: 220VAC
    Output Frequency: 50Hz
    Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Solar Input:
    Max Input Voltage: 500V
    Rated Solar Input Power: 6000W
    Max Current: 100A
Battery Rated Voltage: 48V
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120 ~ 450 VDC
Protections: reverse polarity, short-circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, over-discharge, anti-thunder
LifePo4 Battery(2pcs) 48V/100AH per piece
Super Graphene LifePo4 lithium cell
Wall-mounted design, easy installation
Smart Elite BMS
Solar Panel Rack(1pcs) Roof type mounting rack
including complete fittings,
aluminum alloy
(Rack can be customized per request)
Cables International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, PVF-1*4 series red and black
Circuit Breaker(3pcs) DC1000V 2P 16A (PV)              
DC500V 2P 63A(AC)              
DC500V 2P 125A(Battery)
Monitoring Module(1pcs)
Monitor, troubleshoot, or communication

System Working Principle:
This system uses batteries to store the solar energy, at the same time, the system can be connected with the grid for utilization of grid power optionally. The system uses battery power in priority, but when sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too big which caused the battery power inadequacy, then the system can switch automatically to grid power supply. When the batteries restore capacity, the system can switch back to battery power source.

Terms and conditions:
1. Package: Export standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.
2. Delivery: Goods to be ready within 7~30 days depending on order quantity.
3. Warranty: 5 years for solar panel, 2 years for controller/inverter/battery.
4. Certification: CE,ROHS
5. Validity: 30 days.

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