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5000W Residential Energy Storage AC220V / 100V Output

by Anern


AN-MPSG 5000W AC220V / 110V output energy storage machine, with DC and AC output interfaces, can meet the use of DC and AC electrical appliances at the same time.With characteristics of putting controller, inverter, and batter together, without complicated wiring, easy to use, and low maintenance cost. the solar generator plays a very important role in the promotion of green and clean energy, and it has been recognized and used by many people in the market.

Package Content:

1 x 5000w Unit,1 x Power Adapter,1 x User Manual

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Video of 5000W All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System


Key Features of 5000W Residential Energy Storage AC220V / 100V Output

  • Innovative design. The controller, inverter, and battery are integrated inside, eliminating the need for complicated installation steps.It can be directly connected to the solar panel for use.
  • Fast energy storage and high conversion efficiency of the MPPT controller, which greatly improves the performance of the solar energy storage system.
  • Adopt brand new lithium iron phosphate batteries, reject second-hand batteries. We don't do one-time business, and aim to keep permanent trust partnership with our customers .
  • With integrated design and small size,mobile portable solar system is very easy to move and transport, and very convenient for indoor and outdoor use.


Specification of 5000W Residential Energy Storage AC220V / 100V Output

Power 5000W
Battery Voltage 48V
Input Voltage Range 140-275V
Specification Of Built-in Lithium Battery 4500WH
Max. PV Power 1440W
Range Of Charging Voltage 60-150VDC
Rated Charge Current 30A(MPPT)
Voltage For Floating Charge 50.4VDC
12VDC Output Ports 2PCS/MAX 2A
Display Digital LCD
Warranty 3 years
Dimension 545*507*580mm

Package Dimension

Gross Weight



Application of 5000W Residential Energy Storage AC220V / 100V Output

These series solar generators have adequate wattage capacity to power larger appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, fans, TVs, air-conditioners, washing machines, hot water heaters, and sump pumps, or can be capable of powering multiple devices at the same time. If you use high-wattage solar panels, it may take less time to recharge the generator. Smart solar system to bring solar energy into your home.