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50w Solar Park Light with Motion Sensor

by Anern


The 50W high-brightness solar garden light is a lighting fixture that uses solar energy as power source. By means of built-in solar panels and lithium batteries, it can be used for lighting even if there is no city electricity, which can be used to replace traditional lighting or used in areas where it is inconvenient to wire the city power cables.

Package Content:

1 x Round Solar Lamp,1 x Remote Controller,Screws,1 x User Manual

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Video of 50w Solar Park Light with Motion Sensor


Key Features of 50w Solar Park Light with Motion Sensor

  • 0 electricity bill, no wiring, continuous battery life even in rainy days.
  • The monocrystalline solar panel can be charged quickly, and it can be fully charged within 10 hours under normal light, the battery life can reach 3 days.
  • UsingA grade LifePo4 battery, suitable for high temperature areas, stable safety performance, no pollution.
  • The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, tough, heat-resistant, safe and flame-retardant.
  • Intelligent light control mode, automatically turn off the lights during the day, and automatically turn on the lights at night.


Specification of 50w Solar Park Light with Motion Sensor

Power 50W
Liminous Flux 5000lm
Solar panel 65W
Battery 3.2V60AH
Install height Suggested to be 5~6 meters
Guard Level IP65
Solar charging time 9~10 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting time 2-3 nights
Housing Material Aluminium alloy + PMMA
Lamp size Φ740*H248mm
Working temperature -25℃ to 65℃
Warranty 3 years


Applications of 50w Solar Park Light with Motion Sensor

Anern solar garden light is widely used in public areas and residential areas as follows roads and paths: office buildings, gardens ,parks, residential areas like villa and apartment or houses.

These solar garden lights not only light up and illuminate your gardens and parks, but they work wonderfully well to bring about that perfect ambiance and highlight certain attractive features in your gardens.

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