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Is a 30kw Solar Power System Suitable for Your Home?

1. What is a 30kw solar power system?


The 30kw solar power system is a sizable power generating unit, ideal for commercial establishments; it is also suitable for residential customers if you have roof space and consistent high power usage patterns. A 30kW solar system will generate an average of 110kWh of electricity per day. A 30kW generating solar system is typically paired with 82 to 100 solar panels (depending on the wattage of solar panels provided; you only need 82 of the solar panels in a 30kw solar power system to get 20kW) and Two 15kW or one 27kW inverter. The entire package will include 82 to 100 CEC-approved solar panels; two 15kW or 27kW CEC-approved inverters, roof mounts and electrical kits approved for use in many locations.


2. Is a 30kw solar power system suitable for you?


Is a 30kw solar power system suitable for your home? We first need to know what your average daily electricity usage is. This information is easily available on your latest quarterly electricity bill. If your daily consumption is between 80 and 120kWh, then opting for a 30kw solar power system will be perfect for your home. Because a 30kw solar power system, on average, will produce similar energy to what you use every day and also allow you to comfortably increase your daily consumption if needed.

To ensure that you can maximize the return of your 30kw solar power system, it is recommended that you observe your current electricity usage habits. Once you have identified activities that consume a lot of electricity (such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc.), take action to ensure that these 30kw solar power system devices and activities are only performed when the sun goes down. (Note: try not to have heavy appliances running at the same time; spread out the time to make sure the solar system can meet your power needs). And Anern has solar power system sale. If you want to buy solar power system online, Anern would be a great choice.


3. Savings and returns of 30kw solar power system


As far as the actual savings of installing a 30kw solar power system on the roof is concerned; the results are entirely dependent on how efficiently you use the solar energy generated and what kind of feed-in tariff (export excess unused solar energy back into the grid) agreement you have with your electricity retailer. Thanks to the introduction of AC coupling, all existing photovoltaic systems can now be fitted with battery storage systems. This allows you to connect the battery to any property as it is directly connected to the mains.

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