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About Us

Corporate Profile

Anern, after years of precipitation, has become a world-class brand.
Anern Online Store is a global industry mall built by Anern industrial group, focusing on providing more efficient shopping experience for global buyers. Anern has always insisted on doing well in its products, so that everyone in the world can enjoy a better life of new energy and environmental protection.
At present, our online store will focus on promoting the company's core solar energy supplies every year. They include three areas:

  • Solar lighting and applications, widely used, to avoid the connection of wire, very simple and easy to use.
  • Solar energy system and its accessories, for your home life to provide power safety. Convenient and durable is the biggest feature of Anern energy power products.
  • LED lighting and light source, energy-saving light source, light source will not weaken, the safest light source.

The establishment of will provide new platform and new service form for us to get familiar with our partners for many years. If you have better suggestions or more cooperation, please contact business cooperation.Thank you for your attention to Anern.


Corporate Mission

The continuation is not only for the culture but also a momentum for us to move forward. We are striving to be a world-leading brand in the renewable energy and energy-saving lighting field.Full participation, technological innovation, continuous improvement to pursue 100% customer satisfaction.

At Anern's online store,Varied clients whether it’s a B2C (Business to Customer), or B2B(Business to Business) customer, they all can choose the Anern brand for their personal and business needs.


Why Anern Online Store?

Anern has got over 10 years of industry experience focusing on LED solar lighting and solar energy application,owns talented R&D team.Our products have exported to over 180 countries and areas globally.

All of Anern products are UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, FCC certified and able to meet diversified certification requirements of different countries.In addition, Anern is outstanding in the industry with more than 20 product-related patents.

Anern owns factory with standardized production line, strictly control the manufacturing process. Self-made patent housing design and controller scheme ensure product stability and the most competitive price.

Perfect and effective logistics and transportation policy and the complete supply chain of Anern ensures the quality of raw materials and the delivery date of products.