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Market Development of Outdoor Solar Street Lamps

The demand of solar street lightings is increasing, because society is gradually promoting the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, many cities that can use solar energy start to implement solar equipment.


1. Learn about outdoor solar street lamps


Solar street lights are not much different from common street lamps in appearance, except that a solar panel is added to the top of the lamp pole, relying on single crystal silicon solar panels and battery components to convert solar energy into electricity, and then through the fully automatic light-controlled electronic switch, automatic switching lighting and the function of adjusting the brightness of the bulb at midnight to achieve the optimal energy consumption control. Outdoor solar street lamps are a kind of traffic road condition light, which adopt a new type of energy such as solar energy as the street lamps' external power supply energy. Street lights play a very important role in our urban life, they are our eyes of travelling and nightlife.


2. The overall scale of outdoor solar street lamps


The social demand is increasing: At present, with the acceleration of urbanization and the construction of urban infrastructure, the market demand for lighting products is gradually extending. In the context of energy tension, traditional lighting equipment consumes huge energy and has huge energy waste, which also affects the urban ecological environment. This obviously does not meet the development direction of energy utilization, and also greatly limits the efficiency of lighting equipment. However, the emergence of outdoor solar street lamps can remedy the above shortcomings effectively. Solar street lights can reduce lighting electricity, which is an important way to save energy. Promoted by the "Green Lighting Project", the solar light for road market has maintained sustained growth in recent years. The solar street light industry belongs to the emerging industry, so it presents a fast development speed.


Economic benefits have increased: Compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps, outdoor solar street lights use clean renewable energy sources, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If all 20 million street lights are changed to all in one solar street lightings, it can reduce the emissions of 25.8 million tons carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to $10.3 billion in carbon dioxide reduction costs, therefore, investing in the solar street light industry can produce greater social benefits. From the perspective of economic benefits, according to the calculation, and calculated based on 4 meters street lights and 8 meters street lights, after using solar street lightings, the 4 meters street lights and 8 meters street lights can save about 2190 kWh electricity per year.


In summary, the solar street lamp industry will continue to be valued by the country due to the relatively obvious social and economic benefits. With the strong support and promotion of the country, the market size of outdoor solar street lamps will grow rapidly.

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