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The Importance of Solar Power Inverter for House

Importance of Solar Power Inverter for House

A household photovoltaic system consists of photovoltaic modules, solar controllers, batteries, inverters, and loads. In the presence of sunlight, photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is then supplied to the loads through the solar controller and charged to the battery. In the absence of sunlight, the battery supplies DC loads through the solar controller, while the battery is inverted by the inverter to AC electrical energy, which is then supplied to the AC loads.

In a household photovoltaic system, the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC. In order to supply electrical energy to appliances that require 220VAC, the DC energy generated by the photovoltaic power generation system must be converted to AC energy, thus requiring a DC-AC inverter. The main function of the solar inverter for home price is to convert the DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic module into AC electricity. In addition, the inverter also performs important functions such as detecting components and communicating with the outside world, and managing system safety, therefore, the selection of the solar inverter for home price is very important.

Precautions for Using Solar Power Inverter for House

Configure a safe and reliable DC switch

The situation of household power stations is very complex, and the location is relatively remote. Once a short circuit or ground fault occurs, after-sales service may not be able to reach the site immediately, which may cause fires or electric shock accidents. At this time, the homeowner can directly disconnect the DC switch to avoid further escalation of the fault.

Minimize noise

The solar power inverter for house is installed in the homeowner’s residence. If it generates noise during operation, it will cause great inconvenience to people's lives. The noise of the inverter comes from the fan and the inductor. The inverter should be designed without a fan, without any internal or external fans to eliminate the largest source of noise. The inductors are fully potted and placed in a separate aluminum housing to reduce the noise caused by the current and vibration of the inductors.

High power generation capacity

There are many factors that affect the power generation capacity of solar power inverter for house. Firstly, the inverter must be stable and reliable. Once the inverter fails and needs to be repaired or replaced, the electricity cost loss during this period is quite large. Secondly, the efficiency of the inverter, including maximum efficiency, weighted efficiency, and MPPT efficiency, has the greatest impact on power generation capacity. The inverter works most of the time at a power lower than the rated power. Thirdly, the range of DC operating voltage, the wider the voltage range, the longer the power generation time, and the higher the power generation capacity. Fourthly, the output voltage range of the inverter should also be wide, preferably between 180-270V, and it should not be too high, which can have an impact on household appliances exceeding 270V.

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