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What Are the Functions and Characteristics of Solar Lawn Lights?

Solar energy has become the hero of energy saving and environmental protection nowadays. Electric water heaters and gas water heaters are gradually being replaced by solar water heaters, and traditional street lights are gradually being replaced by solar lawn lights.


1. What is a solar lawn light?


Solar lawn lights are lighting facilities used in surrounding environments such as lawns or tree-lined paths in parks. Thanks to its appearance and soft lighting, it add safety and beauty to the green landscape. At the same time, it is also a wonderful landscape facility during the day. Solar lawn lights are easy to install and highly decorative. They are often used in parks, garden villas, square greening and other places.


2. What is the function of solar lawn lights?


The role of the solar lawn light is to add safety and beauty to the green landscape with the appearance and soft lighting, and at the same time, it also serves as a beautiful landscape facility on the lawn during the day. There are many styles of solar powered lawn lights, which are designed according to different installation environments, such as imitation stone lawn lights, solar lawn lights, LED lawn lights, craft lawn lights, European-style lawn lights, etc. When placed in the lawn, they are just as beautiful as sculptures.


3. What are the characteristics of solar lawn lights?


(1) Convenient installation: solar lawn lights of solar energy solutions can use solar power for independent power supply and have no need to erect or pre-bury transmission lines, with simple construction and low construction cost.

(2) High brightness: Most solar powered lawn lights use LED light sources, which are energy-saving, high-brightness and have a long service life.

(3) Efficient and energy-saving: solar lawn light uses monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell components as the power generation system of the lamp, and uses solar energy battery, which saves energy and electricity. It can continuously illuminate for 3 to 5 nights in rainy and cloudy days without other energy supply.

(4) High safety: The solar lawn light is a low-voltage product, using DC 4V or 6V power supply, safe and harmless, which can effectively protect children, pedestrians and animals.

(5) Long service life: The overall service life of the solar lawn light is more than 20 years. It adopts the high-transmitting glass lamination technology. The designed service life of all accessories is consistent. The unique energy-saving design makes the battery life 2 to 3 times longer than in conventional technology.

(6) The lamp body adopts a high-strength structure design, which is waterproof, wind-resistant, and has high strength against external forces.

(7) Automatic control: The solar lawn light is turned on and off by sunlight induction control, that is, the light control function, and it also has an energy-saving mode. When there are few pedestrians at night, the output power of the light source is automatically reduced to save electricity.

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