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Installation Precautions for Home Solar Generator System

The home solar generator systems are a kind of photovoltaic array. This kind of power generation system is currently loved by the masses. It is less restricted in terms of geographical area, and is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cutting-edge safety. Of course, when installing, there are some problems that require special attention. Notice.


1. How to keep the home solar generator systems


After you purchase home solar generator systems, it is best to use wooden boxes for storage and transportation during transportation. All components must be properly kept, because some of the components in the home solar generator systems are fragile items. A bump will cause damage to the components and make the entire system unable to operate normally, and the battery cannot be dumped. This will damage the battery and cause the electrolyte in it to overflow during dumping.


2. Matters needing attention in the installation of home solar generator systems


After confirming that all items are intact, you can install them one after another. Because the home solar generator systems are not limited to the area, when installing, only need to choose a place where there are no trees to block the sun, and ensure that it can be fully irradiated by the sun. After installation, carefully check whether each anchor screw is stable, whether the entire bracket is safe and reliable, and ensure that there is no loosening of the bracket after installation. In addition, the installation location of the phalanx needs to have fire prevention measures and lightning rods. If there are frequent birds nearby, a bird repellent device must also be installed. You could always get installation help from Anern solar online store.


3. Precautions for home solar power system components


When installing the components, because some components are fragile, they need to be handled with care to avoid impact, and the positive and negative poles should be clearly distinguished when installing the battery, controller and inverter, etc. And do not connect them backwards to avoid affecting the use home solar generator systems. In addition, the battery needs to be kept warm in winter, and the temperature of the battery should not be too low. If the temperature of the battery is too low, it will affect the normal use of the home solar generator systems, and the battery room should also be ventilated and dry. The whole room needs to be clean, tidy and moisture-proof.


The above are the precautions for the installation of home solar generator systems. Home solar generator systems have gradually become popular. The role of photovoltaic arrays can not only turn the light source into a power source, but also has a small investment, fast construction, and no consumption. The resources are saved to the greatest extent, and there is no pollution, no noise, and the cutting-edge technology methods make our life better.

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