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Tips for Home Solar Power Generation

Ⅰ. How do home solar power users distinguish the electricity they are using


Is it home solar power or grid power? From the perspective of power quality, users can't tell where the electricity they use comes from. In fact, there is no need to distinguish which kind of electricity is used. The grid connection point is installed in the substation, and the grid connection point is equipped with a two-way meter. The current has two directions, which can measure the electricity generated by the PV, how much load is used, and how much is sent to the Internet. But factory buildings 1 to 3 have only one direction of current, so it is not possible to separately measure how much electricity is used by which factory's PVs and the grid.


II. Tips for home solar power generation


1. How to deal with the temperature rise and ventilation problems of solar cells in home solar power? The output power of home solar power cells will decrease as the temperature rises. Ventilation and heat dissipation can improve power generation efficiency. The most common method is natural wind ventilation.


2. Does the solar PV system have electromagnetic radiation hazards to users? The solar PV system converts solar energy into electric energy according to the principle of the volt effect of light. It has no pollution and no radiation. Inverters, power distribution cabinets and other electronic devices have passed the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test, so the solar PV system is not harmful to the human body. People could get high quality home solar power products from Anern solar power store.


3. Does the solar PV system have noise hazards? The solar PV system converts solar energy into electric energy without noise. The noise index of the inverter is not higher than 65 decibels, and there is no noise hazard.


4. What issues should be paid attention to in the fire protection and fire protection of distributed PV power generation systems? It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials near the distributed home solar power generation system. In the event of a fire, the loss of personnel and property will be immeasurable. In addition to basic fire safety measures, the solar PV system is also reminded to have self-test and fire protection functions. To reduce the possibility of fire, in addition, it is necessary to reserve fire protection and maintenance channels every 40 meters, and there must be an emergency DC system disconnect switch that is easy to operate.

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