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50KW Off-grid Solar Power System for Commercial and Industrial Solutions

by Anern


50KW off-grid solar power supply system, uses solar panels to convert solar energy to electrical energy. It uses MPPT controller to charge the batteries and discharge to supply power to the loads. The 50kw system uses enlarged solar panels and inverter to solve the electricity power supply in more commercial and industrial areas.

Package Content:

With 96pcs Solar Panel(500W), 2pcs Pv Array Combiner, 2pcs Controller, 1pcs Inverter(50Kw), 96pcs Lead-Acid Battery, Solar Panel Bracket and Cables

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Video of 50KW Off-grid Solar Power System for Commercial and Industrial Solutions


Key Features of 50KW Off-grid Solar Power System for Commercial and Industrial Solutions

  • High output power, solar module efficiency can reach 16.5%.
  • Excellent low-light power generation performance, which can realize power generation in the morning, evening and also rainy days.
  • Strong wind and snow resistance, being able to withstand wind pressure of 2400pa and snow pressure of 5400pa, and able to be installed in any unsupervised place.
  • Users can also check the operation of the 50kw solar power system at any time by connecting to WIFI through the mobile APP


Specification of 50KW Off-grid Solar Power System for Commercial and Industrial Solutions

System Basic Information: Average daily generation<200KWH
Rated Loads Capacity:50KW
Solar Panel(96pcs) Type: Monocrystalline Silicon PV Module
Max Power: 500W
Pm:  500W
Voc: 48.75V
Isc:  13.14A
Vm: 39.96V
Ⅰm: 12.51A
Size: 2158*1020*35MM
25 years power output guarantee
Controller(2pcs) PV Charging Controller 384V 100A;
PMW charging type, LCD display, intelligent control.
Temperature compensation; Protections: short circuit, deep discharge, input surge voltage, over current.
PV Array Combiner(2pcs) Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections to controller, features:
- Wide range of DC input voltage
- IP65 guard level, suitable for outdoor
- Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection
- Multiple PV strings inputs (4 strings)
Inverter (1pcs) Rated DC384V input, AC380V 3-phase output; Frequency: 50 Hz +/- 0.5%
Rated Output Capacity: 50KW
True sine-wave, off-grid type, with grid power switch function; LCD display of operating parameters;
• Protections: Short circuit, overload, surge current, over temperature, over/under voltage, over/under frequency, lightning, phase imbalance, reverse polarity
Battery(96pcs) 12V250AH per piece
AGM valve-regulated lead-acid battery, fully sealed, deep cycle, free maintenance type
Service Life: 5~6 years
Solar Panel Rack(1pcs) Roof type mounting rack
including complete fittings,
aluminum alloy
(Rack can be customized per request)
Cables International standard, with specification suitable for solar system,PV1-F-1*4 series red and black
Cables International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, BVR-1*10 series

System Working Principle:
This industrial off grid power systems uses batteries to store the solar energy, at the same time, the 50kw solar system can be connected with the grid for utilization of grid power optionally. The industrial off grid power systems uses battery power in priority, but when sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too big which caused the battery power inadequacy, then the industrial off grid power systems can switch automatically to grid power supply. When the batteries restore capacity, the 50kw solar system can switch back to battery power source.

Terms and conditions:
1. Package: Export standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.
2. Delivery: Goods to be ready within 7~30 days depending on order quantity.
3. Warranty: 5 years for solar panel, 2 years for controller/inverter/battery.
4. Certification: CE,ROHS
5. Validity: 30 days

50kw solar system descriptions:

This 50 kwh solar system generates clean, reliable, and affordable solar energy. Whether you need direct grid-tied or hybrid systems, we have the perfect size solution for you. Our systems are easy to install, operate and maintain.

Our 50kw solar system is designed to be used for both commercial and industrial applications, such as business, resorts, farms or outstations. With our powerful battery bank, which means longer backup time when the sun is not shining. You can utilize this industrial off grid power system and commercial off grid solar systems as an emergency power source in case of power outage without any worries of it running out of juice. With this 50KW solar system you don't need to rely on the grid for your electricity supply.


Anern industrial off grid power systems


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