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What Are the Common Problems with Solar Energy Inverters?

Understand solar energy inverter


As traditional non-renewable energy gradually dwindles, humanity has not sat idly by, but rather exerted all efforts to find solutions. Therefore, exploration and utilization of new energy sources have become a major hotspot in the world of science. Clean renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower have received attention from countries around the world. Compared with other new energy sources, solar energy has unique advantages such as a wide range of available uses. Solar electric inverter is one of the products that utilizes solar energy. The solar inverter is the core component of a photovoltaic system that can convert DC power into AC power and also provide feedback on the system's operating status. However, when using it, there may be some common problems. What are the common problems and solutions for using a solar electric inverter?


Common problems and solutions for using a solar energy inverter


How to adjust the startup voltage?


Many users do not know how to adjust the startup voltage when using a solar inverter. In fact, this can be selected in the user interface, then enter the password, and click on the startup voltage to change it. The input value should be within the allowable range. If the input value is not allowed, it cannot be successfully input, which should be noted.


Why has the power output significantly decreased? 


Due to the bucket effect of the solar electric inverter battery group, its power output decreases, usually because the surface of its components has foreign objects or is not clean. At this time, the surface can be wiped clean, and the power output can be checked if there is an obvious increase. If the power output does not increase significantly after wiping, check if the photovoltaic board is shaded. At this time, timely removal of the shadow is necessary, otherwise a hot spot may be produced, affecting the service life and power output of the solar inverter.


How to use the LCD screen? 


This can be achieved by moving the cursor up or down, or by clicking the OK button. If you click the ESC button, it will move the cursor forward or return.


If you encounter the above problems when using the solar electric inverter, you can solve them by following the above methods. If you want to check the power output, you can click on Statistics in the user interface to see the power output of the day, week, month, year, and total power output.

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