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Why Do Villa Owners Install Solar PV Systems?

More and more people are opting to install solar PV systems, and surveys have found that photovoltaic solar is favored by villa owners. Why are villa owners so keen to install solar PV systems?


1. Whether the rooftop solar power system can generate electricity efficiently


Whether the rooftop solar power system can generate electricity efficiently depends on many factors. In addition to the quality and power of the components themselves, the angle design and roof inclination during the installation process also affect the efficiency of the power station itself. Generally speaking, the inclination angle of the roof is about 15°, which is a moderate angle. If the roof is too steep, on the one hand, it will affect the difficulty of installation and construction, causing hidden safety hazards for the installers. On the other hand, the power generation efficiency of the power station will be greatly weakened in summer, so a moderate roof inclination angle is also an important factor for the installation of solar power system in villas.


2. The benefits of installing solar PV systems on villa roofs


1) Save on high electricity bills. Villa owners use more power-consuming equipment because of their large houses. In winter and summer, when electricity consumption peaks, electricity bills are even higher. Although villa owners are wealthy, high electricity bills add up and will become a burden. If solar PV systems are installed in the villas and mansions, the grid-connected mode of self-generation and self-use and surplus electricity can be connected to the grid, which can save most of the electricity consumption and avoid tiered electricity prices. By generating electricity through solar PV systems every year, a large amount of expenses can be saved, and owners can also use the saved expenses in other financial aspects.


2) No pollution, no noise. Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy. Roof solar PV systems sold in Anern solar power store do not produce any pollution and noise during power generation, and are truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly. And in the process of power generation, because there is no mechanical operation, it will not generate any noise, and truly achieve quiet power generation.


3) Insulation and cooling to keep warm. Components on the roof do a great job of reducing indoor temperatures, especially in summer. Solar PV systems convert light energy into electrical energy through photovoltaic panels, which are equivalent to thermal insulation, and can actually reduce the indoor temperature by 3 to 5 degrees, and can also effectively keep warm in winter.


4) Fashionable and beautiful. The perfect combination of solar PV systems and roofs rejuvenates the original reinforced concrete roofs, and at the same time makes the original homogeneous roofs more personalized and trendier. In recent years, many high-end products have appeared, and even solar power generation tiles have replaced the traditional tiles on the roof of villas. On the basis of purchasing traditional tiles, you can replace them with solar power tiles with a little money, which is one of the reasons why many budget-conscious high-end customers are favored.

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