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Advantages of off Grid Solar PV System

I. What is an off grid solar PV system


The off grid solar PV system forms a circuit inside its own closed circuit system. The solar cell group converts the received solar radiation energy directly into electrical energy to supply the load, and the excess energy is stored in the battery in the form of chemical energy after passing through the charge controller. The grid-connected power generation system converts the received solar radiation energy into electrical energy through the solar battery pack, and then converts the high-frequency direct current into high-voltage direct current. After being inverted by the inverter, it outputs a sinusoidal alternating current with the same frequency and phase as the grid voltage to the grid.


Off grid solar PV systems have different scales and application forms. The system scale spans a wide range, ranging from 0.3 to 2W solar garden lights to MW-level solar PV power stations. The application of off grid solar PV systems is also diverse, and can be widely used in many fields such as households, transportation, communications, and space. Although PV power generation systems vary in size, their composition and working principles are basically the same. You could buy off grid solar PV systems in Anern solar store.


II. What are the advantages of off grid solar PV systems


1. Off grid solar PV system power generation has economic advantages. The economics of solar energy utilization can be seen from two aspects. One is that solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, and it can be used anywhere. Second, under the current level of technological development, some solar energy utilization has become economical. With the development of science and technology and technological breakthroughs in human development and utilization of solar energy, the economics of solar energy utilization will become more obvious.


2. Off grid solar PV system does not pollute the environment. Solar energy, like wind energy, tidal energy and other clean energy sources, produces almost no pollution during its development and utilization. In addition to its unlimited reserves, it is an ideal alternative energy source for mankind. Because traditional fossil fuels emit a large amount of toxic and harmful substances during the use process, they will cause serious pollution to water, soil and atmosphere, form the greenhouse effect and acid rain, and seriously endanger the living environment and health of human beings. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new and relatively clean alternative energy sources, and solar energy, as a relatively ideal clean energy source, is receiving increasing attention from countries all over the world.


3. The conversion link of off grid solar PV system is the least and most direct. From the perspective of energy conversion links, solar PV power generation directly converts solar radiant energy into electrical energy. It is the least and most direct conversion link in all renewable energy utilization. Generally speaking, in the energy flow of the entire ecological environment, as the conversion links increase and the conversion chain stretches, the energy loss will increase geometrically. At the same time, it greatly increases the construction and operation cost and instability of the entire off grid solar PV system.

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