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Analysis of the Development Trend of Solar LED Street Lamp Application

With the development of human society, countries around the world gradually pay attention to the concerns about security of energy supply and combating climate change, and each country has begun to adopt various means to carry out the sustainable development of energy. Indirectly, it has promoted the rapid development of renewable energy technology and industry in the world, for example, the annual growth rate of photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation is above 20%. Although renewable energy has been diversified, coal and crude oil are still hot spots in the international energy field.


1. Solar led street lamps are a big step towards green


With the impoverishment of the earth's resources, the investment cost of basic energy is rising day by day, and various safety and pollution hidden dangers can be described as everywhere. As a kind of "inexhaustible" safe and environmentally friendly new energy, solar energy is getting more and more attention. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar lighting products have the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. The application of solar led street lights, yard lights, lawn lights and other aspects has gradually formed a scale, and the development of solar power generation in the field of street lighting has been increasingly perfect. With the development of economy, the electricity consumption of lighting will be greatly increased, and the research and application of green energy-saving lighting will be paid more and more attention. At present, lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the total electricity consumption, and reducing lighting consumption is an important way to save energy.


As a cold light source product, solar led street light has the features of high cost performance, green environmental protection, safety and reliability, stable quality, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, etc., which can be widely used in green lighting, highway lighting, advertising light box lighting, urban modeling landscape lighting and home lighting system, but the high one-time investment of solar led street lamp is the bottleneck of its development.


2. Development status of solar led street lamp source technology


The performance of solar powered led street lights is gradually improving, and the price will gradually decrease. Similarly, led light efficiency in the market is rapidly improving while the price is decreasing. Compared with the renewable, clean and pollution-free solar energy and the environmental protection and energy saving of led, conventional fossil energy is becoming increasingly tense, and it will cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, as a very good outdoor lighting, solar LED street lights show us boundless vitality and broad prospects.

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