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Are Solar Garden Lights Serviceable?

As energy sources have become increasingly scarce in recent years and pollution has increased, the burden this has brought to the earth is immeasurable. Therefore, as a kind of "inexhaustible" safe and environmentally friendly new energy, solar energy has attracted more and more attention. The development of solar power in the field of street lighting has also been perfected day by day. Solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar powered lawn lights and other applications have gradually formed a scale. Are solar garden lights serviceable? It is a problem that many people are more concerned about.


1. The use time of solar garden lights is closely related to the battery


Solar garden light is one of the solar energy solutions. The service life of solar powered yard lights is a problem that many people are more concerned about. How long the solar garden light can be used is closely related to many factors. Take the battery as an example. The quality of the battery directly affects the length of time the garden light can be used.


2. The closed form of the battery of solar garden light should be selected well


At present, there are two main types of encapsulation of solar cells for solar garden lights, laminated and epoxy packaging. The lamination technology can ensure the working life of solar cells for more than 25 years. Although epoxy packaging is beautiful at the time, the working life of solar cells of that type is only 1 to 2 years. Therefore, low-power solar powered lawn lights below 1W can adopt the epoxy packaging without rigid requirements on service life. For solar lights with a specified service life, it is recommended to use laminated packaging. In addition, there is a kind of silicone gel used to encapsulate solar cells with the epoxy packaging. It is said that the working life can reach 10 years.


3. The battery capacity of solar garden lights should be selected well


Because the input energy of solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, it generally needs to be equipped with a battery system to work, and solar garden lights are no exception, and batteries must be configured to work. The selection of battery capacity generally follows the following principles: 1. On the premise that it can achieve the night lighting, store the energy of solar cell components during the day as much as possible; 2. It must also be able to store the electrical energy that can meet the lighting needs of continuous rainy days and night lighting. If the battery capacity is too small, it cannot meet the needs of night lighting. If the battery capacity is too large, the battery will always be in a state of power loss, which affects the battery life and causes waste.

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