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Benefits and Components of Solar Powered Outdoor Street Lights

Why choose solar powered outdoor street lights

Solar energy, as a renewable resource, is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. How to better utilize its resources and make solar powered outdoor street lights play the greatest role. By using ultra-low safety voltage, the solar outdoor light system creates a four-in-one high-efficiency solar energy system that is convenient, safe, clean, and energy-saving. The installation is also extremely advantageous, as it does not require burying wires, handling wires and batteries.

Benefits of installing solar powered outdoor street lights

With the gradual development of society, street lights not only play a lighting role, but more designers have added more design elements to street lights. However, considering that most countries still belong to rural areas, installing street lights will cause many problems. Rural households are dispersed, and collective electricity is not easy. But solar powered outdoor street lights have appeared, breaking this embarrassing situation and solving many problems by directly converting solar energy into electrical energy. Choosing solar powered outdoor street lights is most suitable for building new rural areas, not only taking advantage of the first advantage in price, convenient collective purchasing and use, and the high-priced solar powered outdoor street lights are not inferior in function.

Component composition of solar powered outdoor street lights

The hardware accessories of solar powered outdoor street lights are from bottom to top: foot cage, which is generally buried underground and poured with cement for reinforcement; the lamp post is the main structural component of the solar outdoor light and is also an important part of the solar outdoor light. Its cost accounts for about 25% of the total cost. The third is the lamp arm, which connects the lamp head and the lamp post, and then the lamp head. In addition, under the solar panel, there is a solar panel bracket, which is visible from the outside, and there are cables and connector plugs inside.

For some complex-shaped solar powered outdoor street lights or solar landscape lights, there are also complex modeling designs, such as hollow lamp posts, modeling lamp arms, modeling lamp heads, and various cultural style lamp posts, making their images changeable of course, this kind of solar powered outdoor street lights with national or cultural characteristics The price will also be higher. There are also many quality requirements for the hardware structural components of solar powered outdoor street lights. Because the top of solar powered outdoor street lights needs to support large solar panel accessories, the quality of its lamp post is higher.

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