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Benefits of Using Integrated Solar LED Street Light in Rural Areas

Solar energy is a clean, pollution-free and renewable energy source. It does not use ordinary electricity, which can reduce the pollution and damage of power generation projects to the environment. Now that urban construction has developed, the investment in solar street lights has also increased.


1. learn about integrated solar LED street lights


Integrated solar LED street light consists of high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human body induction modules, anti-theft mounting brackets and other components. The advantages of integrated solar LED street light sold in Anern solar supply store are simple installation and light weight. There is no need to install panel brackets, install lamp sockets and make battery wells for traditional split solar street lights. Without an engineering team, a few people can easily install integrated solar LED street light even without experience, which greatly reduces the cost of recruiting workers.


Different from traditional solar street lights, integrated solar LED street light integrates battery, lamp holder, solar panel, controller system, etc. It is compact and small. To reflect its advantages, the design and performance of the integrated solar LED street light have been upgraded. For example, integrated solar LED street light uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries and high-conversion monocrystalline silicon batteries. Appearance, waterproofing, and connection design between its components are all high-quality designs. Compared with lead-acid batteries used in traditional solar street lights, lithium iron phosphate batteries have a longer service life and are lighter in weight. In the past, the rechargeable batteries of traditional solar street lights needed to be replaced every 2 years, but now lithium batteries generally do not need to be replaced and maintained for 5 years. The battery is the most important part that affects the service life of the integrated solar LED street light. The use of high-quality lithium batteries greatly reduces the maintenance and after-sales costs of street lights.


2. Installation of integrated solar LED street light


The installation of integrated solar LED street light depends on the specific installation environment and usage conditions. First of all, due to the integrated design, the angle of the solar panel cannot be adjusted, only the overall direction can be adjusted. In order to maximize the absorption of solar energy, the requirements for the installation environment are relatively high. Secondly, because it is an integrated design, limited by the size of the lamp head, the integrated solar LED street light increases the area of the solar panel, resulting in the inability to achieve large lighting power. The rural population is relatively small, and few villagers or vehicles travel at night. Although the lighting power of the integrated solar LED street light is not particularly large, it is sufficient for the lighting in rural areas. Therefore, integrated solar LED street light is very suitable for installation in rural areas. The installation of integrated solar LED street light is of great significance to the construction of new rural areas. Night lighting enriches the night life of rural people and ensures people's safety at night.

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