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Characteristics of the Village Solar Street Light

1. The shape and design of the village solar street light

The village solar street light is 5 meters high, with galvanized and sprayed surface treatment, including the bottom plate and strengthening plate, and the lamp wrist includes the solar panel support. The solar panel is installed on the top of the lamp with a galvanized angle iron bracket, and the battery of the rural solar street lamp is embedded. The village solar street light battery is configured to avoid the maintenance of the lead-acid battery through a controlled lead-acid sealed valve. The rural solar street light is designed with a 65W monocrystalline silicon package. The module uses high-strength, high-transparency tempered glass, high-conversion-efficiency silicon wafers, EVA, and TPT stacks. The components have high conversion efficiency, good quality, and 25-year device life.


2. The lamp holder of the village solar street light

The solar energy street light uses high-quality LED street lights with a single 1W large output solar energy street light LED light source, which has the characteristics of longevity, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and no flash. The village solar street light is suitable for lighting in urban roads, residential areas, industrial areas, sidewalks, squares, parks, schools, villas and other places. The shell of the village solar street light body is made of cast aluminum alloy die-casting forming box, which guarantees the service life of the LED street light for 50000 hours.


3. The controller of the village solar street light


The village solar street light controller is designed for the solar DC power supply system and the solar DC street lamp system, and uses the intelligent controller of the computer chip and a one-touch switch to complete all operations and settings. The village solar street light has short-circuit, overload, unique anti-reverse connection protection, full-featured protection measures such as full-up, over-discharge automatic shutdown, recovery, and detailed charging instructions, battery status, load and various fault instructions.


The village solar street light controller samples the battery capacity-related parameters such as battery terminal voltage, discharge current, and ambient temperature, and calculates it through the control mode to achieve high efficiency, and temperature compensation in accordance with the characteristics of the village solar street light battery's discharge rate and temperature compensation. High-precision and high-efficiency control are realized. PWM battery charging mode is adopted to ensure that the battery works in the best condition, greatly prolonging the service life of the solar energy street lamp battery. There are multiple options of action modes and output modes to meet the various needs of users.

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