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Does the Use of Solar PV Systems Affect Regional Rainfall?

Some people think that it is because the solar PV power generation system absorbs the sun's light and heat, so that it has not rained. There is no scientific basis for this statement. Do solar PV systems have any effect on crops?


1. What are solar PV systems?


First of all, power generation of solar PV system is divided into solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. Generally speaking, solar power refers to solar PV power generation. Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface. Solar PV systems are composed of solar cell arrays, battery packs, charge and discharge controllers, inverters, AC power distribution cabinets, sun tracking control systems and other equipment. Simply put, it converts the light energy of the sun into electricity through the battery panel.


The main principle of solar PV systems is the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors. When a photon irradiates a metal, its energy can be completely absorbed by an electron in the metal. The energy absorbed by the electron is large enough to overcome the internal gravity of the metal to do work, escape from the metal surface and become a photoelectron. A silicon atom has 4 outer electrons. If pure silicon is doped with an atom with 5 outer electrons, such as a phosphorus atom, it becomes an N-type semiconductor. If pure silicon is doped with atoms with 3 outer electrons, such as boron atoms, a P-type semiconductor is formed. When the P-type and N-type are combined, a potential difference is formed at the contact surface, which becomes a solar cell. When sunlight hits the P-N pole, the holes move from the P-pole region to the N-pole region, and the electrons move from the N-pole region to the P-pole region, forming a current.


2. Advantages of solar PV systems


Advantages of solar PV systems: No danger of depletion; safe and reliable; no noise, no pollution discharge, clean. Not restricted by the geographical distribution of resources, and can take advantage of building roofs, such as, areas without electricity, and areas with complex terrain. There is no need to consume fuel, and power transmission lines can be erected to generate electricity on-site. The energy quality is high. The users are easy to accept emotionally. The construction period is short, and the time it takes to obtain energy is short. You could get high quality solar PV system from Anern solar online store.


3. Does the use of solar PV systems affect the rainfall in the area?


In general, the intensity of sunlight decreases when it rains, so the power generation will decrease. To sum up, photovoltaic power generation has no effect on whether the weather will rain, but rain will affect photovoltaic power generation. We can't blame solar photovoltaic systems for dry weather. In fact, it brings a lot of convenience to our lives.

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