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How Do Solar Garden Lights Use Solar Energy to Supply Power?

Solar powered yard lights are a kind of green and environmentally friendly new energy, using sunlight as energy and making full use of natural resources. It is mainly suitable for the lighting of urban roads, residential squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places. Solar garden lights are "inexhaustible" as a kind of green and environmentally friendly new energy. The full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to alleviating the shortage of conventional energy. How does the solar garden light use solar energy to supply power?


1. How does solar garden light use solar energy to supply power?


(1) During the day, under light conditions, the battery panel in the solar garden light receives solar radiation energy and converts it into electrical energy for output, which is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller.

(2) At night, when the sun's illuminance gradually decreases, the battery will automatically discharge electricity to the lamp holder, and the solar garden light of solar energy solutions will automatically be turned on. After the battery is discharged for 8 hours, the charge and discharge controller will act, the discharge of battery is over, and the solar power yard lights will automatically be turned off.

(3) The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the storage battery and store the electric energy converted from light energy.


2. The style classification of solar garden lights


The pole of solar garden light, a landscape lighting and decoration product, has various materials, flexible use of light sources, and diverse structural forms. It is mainly suitable for road lighting and decoration in public squares, parks, high-level living quarters, and residential villa and courtyards with modern environmental protection awareness and requirements. In the process of lighting application, the solar garden light has a simple and elegant structure, stable and reliable work, and long service life.


In terms of street light styles, solar power yard lights have various shapes. According to the number of light sources, solar garden lights are mainly divided into single lamp holders and double lamp holders. Generally, single lamp holder is commonly used in landscape lighting. Different solar garden lights with different system configuration requirements have different prices according to the size of the power battery panel and the size of the battery. Because solar powered yard lights have the advantages of energy saving and easy installation, so for the current landscape lighting, the choice of solar powered yard lights can realize the good development of landscape lighting construction.


In terms of lighting, solar power yard lights have a very wide range of applications. They use sunlight as energy source and are charged during the day and are turned on at night. They are simple and stylish, and can meet all commonly used decoration and lighting source configuration forms. As a new lighting product of solar photovoltaic technology, solar garden lights will rely on new solar energy to achieve green and low-cost lighting for landscape.

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