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How to Determine the Quality of Outdoor Solar Panel?

Understanding Outdoor Solar Panel

Solar cells, also known as "solar chips" or "photovoltaic cells", are thin semiconductor sheets that generate electricity directly from sunlight. A single solar cell cannot be used directly as a power source. To use it as a power source, several solar cells must be connected in series or parallel and tightly packaged into a module. Outdoor solar panels are assembly components composed of multiple solar cells and are the core and most important part of a solar power generation system.

Outdoor solar panels are thin semiconductor sheets that produce electricity directly from sunlight. They play a huge role in various fields of renewable energy and are widely used in any photovoltaic product. The quality of outdoor solar panel components directly affects the energy efficiency of the products they are used in. Today, there are many manufacturers of solar panels, and some inferior products are mixed in. It is not easy to select high-quality solar panels. So, how to distinguish between good and bad outdoor solar panel?

How to Distinguish between Good and Bad Outdoor Solar Panel

  • Look at the front: First, carefully check the surface of the tempered glass, which is where some outdoor solar panel manufacturers are negligent. If silicone drops accidentally fall on the surface of the tempered glass, they should be promptly removed because they will affect the power generation efficiency of the panel if left uncleared.

  • Look at the battery slices: To save costs, many unscrupulous manufacturers actually use damaged battery slices for assembling, which seem to form relatively complete battery slices, but there are actually large risks. Problems may not be apparent initially, but the spliced battery slices can easily break over long-term use, thereby affecting the use of the entire panel. When the temperature is too high, there may also be fire hazards, posing a threat to pedestrians' safety.

  • Look at the back: The back of the outdoor solar panel should indicate the technical parameters, such as open circuit voltage, short circuit current, working voltage, etc. Moreover, the pressure-bearing effect of the back of the solar panel should be checked. If there are bubbles, folds, or other traces after pressing, this kind of outdoor solar panel should be classified as unqualified.

  • Look at the junction box: The junction box is a connector for the solar cell module. The main function of the solar photovoltaic junction box is to export the electric energy produced by the solar cell module via cables. The tightness of the junction box is also related to the working efficiency of the solar panel, and the cover of the junction box should be securely and closely attached to the junction box. The outgoing wire locking head should rotate freely and tighten.

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