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How to Distinguish Grid Tied PV System Inverter from off Grid PV System Inverter?

1. What is an off grid PV system


Off grid PV systems are suitable for areas where there is no grid tied or unstable grid tied power. Off grid PV systems usually consist of solar modules, controllers, inverters, battery packs and bracket systems. They generate DC power, which can be used directly during the day or stored in battery packs to provide electricity at night or on cloudy or rainy days. Off grid PV system is an independent solution because it can be installed in most places and is easy to maintain locally. They are a reliable, clean and low-cost effective solution that can replace diesel generators.


2. How to distinguish between grid tied PV system inverters and off grid PV system inverters


Grid tied PV system inverters are the connection of solar power, home power grid, and public power grid. It must rely on the current power grid to generate electricity. It is mainly composed of inverters and solar panels. Grid tied PV system inverters directly transfer energy to the grid, and directly transmit excess electricity to the public grid. When the power generation is insufficient, it will automatically be replenished from the grid. If you want to store the electricity during the day, you need to add a battery and a controller.


Inverters of off grid PV systems require energy storage and do not need to send electricity to the grid. For a power generation system that does not rely on the power grid and can run directly, the inverter of an off grid PV system is mainly composed of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. Off grid PV system inverters are mainly suitable for use in areas where power is often cut off or there is no electricity or grid, and it has very strong practicability. People could buy off grid PV systems in Anern solar power store.

3. What is an off grid PV system inverter


The off grid PV system inverter can work independently after leaving the grid, which is equivalent to an independent small grid. It mainly controls its own voltage, which is a voltage source. It can carry loads such as resistance, capacitance and motor inductance. It has fast strain, anti-interference, strong adaptability and practicality. It is the preferred power supply product for emergency power supply and outdoor power supply.


Off grid PV system inverters are suitable for power systems, communication systems, railway systems, shipping, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, outdoor and other places. It can be connected to the mains to charge the battery. It can be set to wind power and photoelectric priority, and mains backup. Or utility power is prioritized, and wind power is backed up by PV power. Inverters of off grid PV systems generally need to be connected to batteries, because PV power generation is unstable and the load is also unstable, and batteries are needed to balance energy. When the PV power generation is greater than the load, the excess energy charges the battery, and when the PV power generation is less than the load, the insufficient energy is provided by the battery.

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