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How to Identify the Quality of Solar Panel Street Lamp?

1. The introduction of the solar panel street light


LED lamps are one of the main components of solar street lamps, which is the ultimate carrier for solar panel street lights to play its role. At present, there are many types of LED lights on the market, specifications and styles are different. Because there is no mandatory parameter requirement, led lights are of good and bad quality, most consumers are not insiders in the industry, and they don't know how to distinguish the light's quality, so it is not easy to choose a street lamp with good quality.


2. How to distinguish the quality while buying solar panel street lights


Buy solar panel street lights to see the lamp shell: The upper and lower parts of the high quality lamp shell are closely connected and the gap size is even. The shell color of lamps is pure, and it has no variegated color and is good finish. The shell is more textured, and the whole lamp has a heavy feeling in the hand. While the inferior lamps are not closely connected, and there are dislocation phenomena in it, and the spray color also has penetration phenomenon. The materials of the lamps are not solid, and it will have concave phenomenon when we press the shell with our fingers.


Look at the heat dissipation performance: Although the heat of solar panel street lights are not as intense as that of traditional sodium lamps during the work, the heat is not small, so good heat dissipation is necessary, otherwise it will affect the life of the light source. In terms of the heat dissipation, we can use thermometers or feel it directly with our hands to compare it. For the same power and working time, the lower the temperature is, the better the heat dissipation performance is.


Buy solar panel street lights to see the down-lead: Although the cost of the down-lead in the whole solar panel street light is very low, we can find the difference between regular manufacturers and small workshops from this small place. Responsible manufacturers will use the high-quality copper core wire with appropriate thickness as the lead, while some manufacturers cut corners and use aluminum core wire instead of copper core wire in order to save cost, even discount the thickness of the lead. This seriously affects the conductive performance, which will have a bad effect on the efficiency of the lamp. You could also do solar street light online shopping, which is quite convenient and low-cost.


See the lens: High quality lens not only has a good light distribution effect, but also has excellent light transmission performance. A good lens looks more pure and shiny.


See bolts: Although ordinary users can't judge professional problems such as the luminescence efficiency of lamps through professional tools and techniques, we can know from the side whether the lamp manufacturer is responsible and whether they are working hard to make the product by observing the matching bolts of lamps. Good solar panel street light bolts must be fully in line with the standard, it is best to be made of stainless steel, followed by the use of galvanized bolts. In addition, the inner wire teeth and bolts of the lamps are perfectly matched, and there won't be loose phenomenon.

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