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Is a Solar Energy Street Light Really Expensive Compared with Traditional Street Lamps?

Ⅰ. Is the cost of a solar energy street light really high?


The economic development of human society is inseparable from the supply of energy, and many energy sources such as coal and oil are not renewable energy sources. Therefore, the development of new energy sources has become a top priority. Solar energy is an inexhaustible new energy source for human beings. Now we strongly support the development of new solar energy. For example, solar street lights are widely used, and many people think that the solar energy street light is expensive. Is the cost of solar street lights really high?


In terms of price, the cost of the solar energy street light is more expensive than traditional street lights. But in the long run, the solar energy street light can create more value and save more costs for customers. The solar energy is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, and the sealed battery stores electric energy without consuming electricity.


Ⅱ. Factors affecting the cost of the solar energy street light


1. Cost of original street light: It is the main factor that affects the cost of the solar energy street light. Solar street light is composed of different parts, and the price of each part will determine the final price of the finished solar street light. The original parts of solar street lights are more expensive, which is the reason for their higher cost.


2. Using led lamp beads: the LED lamp beads of the solar energy street light have very high stability during use, and basically there will be no problems with long-term use.


3. Safety in use: Some ordinary street lights are prone to wire breakage during use, and there will be leakage problems in thunder and rainy weather. These situations will bring some safety hazards. The solar energy street light will not have this problem, and the degree of safety will be very high.


4. Environmental protection and energy saving: No matter what energy it is, it will consume a certain amount of natural resources. But solar energy is inexhaustible. Compared with electricity, it is a very environmentally friendly energy source without the need to pay any fees.


Generally, the solar energy street light is a little more expensive than ordinary street lights. However, the annual maintenance and use cost of ordinary street lights is high, and the power consumption is as high as 90%. However, solar street lights do not need electricity, which can save electricity consumption costs. There is no electricity bill. Generally, the cost can be recovered in three years. In addition, solar street lights have a longer service life, anti-corrosion and impact resistance, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. On the whole, the cost of the solar energy street light is lower than traditional street lights in the long run.

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