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LED Solar Integrated Lamp Boosts the Construction of Beautiful Cities

Traditional lighting sources have small light angles, high brightness of point area, strong directional scattering of light, easy formation of light spots, and poor uniformity, which have limited their application in the lighting field. Therefore, the use of LED solar integrated lamp has become a bright city scenery line, and its advantages effectively make up for the shortcomings of traditional street lights, and it is also better than the use of traditional street lights.

The lighting effect of LED solar integrated lamp

The lighting effect of LED solar integrated lamps is designed according to changes in sunlight and the environment, fully utilizing the advantageous conditions of solar energy, and it can operate efficiently, economically, and safely without the need for power transmission equipment, saving the cables and distribution boxes required in traditional power supply systems, saving manpower and material resources. Moreover, there are no electricity bills or other costs after operation, which is economical and convenient, and easy to maintain. The solar integrated street light truly achieves seamless integration of environmental protection and energy saving, playing a vital role in urban road lighting.

The LED solar integrated lamp system uses solar energy as its energy source, charging during the day and using it at night, without the need for complex and expensive pipeline installation, and the layout of the lamps can be adjusted freely. It is safe, energy-saving, and pollution-free, and the charging and on/off process uses intelligent control, with no manual operation required. It is stable and reliable, saving electricity bills.

Why is LED solar integrated lamp so popular?

LED solar integrated lights are solar lights, courtyard lights, and outdoor lights that integrate high-efficiency solar panels, 5-year ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs, intelligent controllers, PIR human induction modules, anti-theft brackets, etc.

LED solar integrated light perfectly completes the requirements of low power consumption and high brightness (an average of 5W power consumption can achieve the illuminance of traditional lighting products with 100W power consumption), long life and maintenance-free, and excellent waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics. The advantage of LED solar integrated lamp is that the installation is simple and the components are lightweight, which saves customers expensive installation construction and adjustment, as well as product transportation costs.

Generally, only two workers and a special wrench are needed to complete the installation in 5 to 10 minutes without heavy equipment and tools. What are the advantages of the product? Please see below: Integrated planning, full use of solar energy resources, refined, stylish and simple, extremely convenient installation, and lamp posts tailored to the site, only 4 screws to fix the clamp and the product on the wall, lamp post or tree trunk that can be exposed to sunlight outdoors.

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