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LED Solar Integrated Lamp Installation Cost Advantage

The working principle of led solar integrated lamp and conventional solar lamp is basically the same, the difference is that the led solar integrated lamp has a lamp head, a panel, a battery, a controller system, and the control system controls the charging and discharging mode. All integrated into a lamp head, and the lead-acid battery will be replaced by a lithium battery, which is easy to install and light weight.


Ⅰ. The advantages of led solar integrated lamps


1. Led solar integrated lamp adopts integrated design, which is simple, fashionable, light and practical;

2. Use solar power to save electricity and protect the earth's resources;

3. Use human body infrared sensing control technology, the lamp will light on when someone comes, and light off when people leave, which can prolong the lighting time;

4. Use high capacity long life lithium battery to ensure the service life of the product, which can generally up to 8 years of life;

5. Safe and waterproof, performance reliable;

6. Easy to extend timing, voice control and other functions;

7. Use the alloy material as the main body of the structure to prevent it from rusty and corrosion.


Ⅱ. The installation advantages of led solar integrated lamps


1. Can be installed independently, no need to dig trench, buried line, backfill, which can save construction costs;

2. No extra pull wire, extremely convenient to install;

3. Use modular design concept, easy to install, maintain and repair, no need for professionals;

4. Led solar integrated lamps like led solar street light 300w don't need to purchase power capacity expansion equipment, which can save the cost of corresponding ancillary equipment;

5. Solar lamps can realize full automatic control, and there is no need for personnel management, which can save the management cost;

6. Obtain energy from the sun, don't use conventional electric power source, which can save operating costs;

7. Easy to maintain, and there will not happen the electric shock accident, it's safe to use it.


Ⅲ. The cost advantages of led solar integrated lamps


1.The biggest advantage of led solar integrated lamps is to save expensive installation, construction, commissioning, and product transportation costs, which usually only cost about 1/5 of a conventional lamp's cost.


2. The led solar integrated lamp has a long life of 8 years, which is the world's first lithium battery management control technology. Compared to some common products that the battery replacement is required after two years, the cost of led solar integrated lamps' after-sale service and parts replacement can be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, there is no need to require the battery replacement or maintenance within 8 years, even if the battery needs to be replaced after 8 years using, users can replace it just in a few minutes without any technical support and the guidance of engineers, because it uses a unique product structure design.


Generally, there is nothing need to be paid attention to while using led solar integrated lamps, only need to avoid large trees, high-rise buildings, or the location of the sun shield when install it.

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