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Main Factors Affecting the Life of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp

Ⅰ. The appearance of outdoor solar street lamps


In our current street lights widely used on both sides of the road, a large part of them is outdoor solar street lamps, so why do we generally use solar street lamps on the roadside? In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, the another reason is the service life. Solar energy is a kind of green environmental protection new energy, which is endless and inexhaustible, and it has a significant effect under the lighting of street lights. At present, most of the city squares, streets, residential areas, highway roadsides have installed solar street lightings, which add a luster for modern people. People who travel at night won't need to hit the flashlight with them, and they also add atmosphere to the night view of the city.


Ⅱ. What are the main factors affecting the life of outdoor solar street lamps?


1. Lighting sources: The life of outdoor solar street lamps with different light sources is different, and the available light sources include low-pressure sodium lamp, low-pressure electrodeless lamp, LED lamp, low-pressure fluorescent lamp and so on. Nowadays, sodium lamp and LED lamp are used more. Sodium lamps are inexpensive, which have a short life. The service life of a good quality of LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours now, 10 hours a day in theory, and it can be used for more than 10 years. So it's better to choose a good light source firstly.


2. Light source starter: Different starters have different startup modes and require different ballasts or driving powers, etc., this part has a great impact on the light source, especially on the LED light source, which now usually uses the constant current source. Whether the constant current source is good or bad and whether the setting parameter range is suitable for the light source are very important, it's mainly lies in the accuracy of constant current, output efficiency, protection circuit, parameter setting range and so on.


3. The solar controller: The controller system of solar light for road not only controls, monitors and protects the working state of the photocell components, the battery and the load, but also indirectly protects the load (solar street lamps) while effectively controlling the working state of the battery, which can provide an effective and relatively stable working environment, especially in the critical state of insufficient battery power or under-voltage working. A controller with high precision and stable performance will play a key role. For example, sometimes the solar street lighting will work in a flickering state. This faulty controller is one of the reasons, but not the whole reason.


4. The accumulator: Selecting outdoor solar street lamps with stable performance batteries. Moreover, the construction should be strict, water entering and other unexpected factors should be strictly prevented from. Otherwise, it will indirectly affect the life of street lamps.

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