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Maintenance Methods and Matters Needing Attention for Solar Street Lamp Failure

With the development of society, as an "inexhaustible" new energy, the appearance of solar energy has attracted more and more attention from people. Not to mention urban areas, many rural roads have installed street lights, but many resources will face the danger of destruction. So how to make good use of every resource has become the most headache thing for people.


1. Maintenance methods of solar street lighting failure


The whole lamp is not bright: The solar light for road is used for outdoor lighting, and often encounter high temperature and rain, low temperature rain and snow weather, and the solar street lamp controller is usually installed in the light rod, which is easy to cause its controller short circuit due to the water intake. First of all, observe whether the wiring end of the controller is water-stained and rusty, if it is, then it is most likely that the controller has been damaged. If it is not water-stained and rusty, then the battery voltage can be measured, for example, for the 12V solar street lamp power supply system, if the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V, then it means the battery has not stored electricity, which should be replaced. Then check again to see if there is voltage and current output under the normal working condition of the panel, if there isn't, then it means the panel is damaged and should be replaced. If the above is no problem, you should check the light source, power the light source directly and check whether it is light on, if it's not bright, then replace the light source.


Light head flickering: The causes of this fault are poor line contact, battery power deficit, severe decreasing in stored electricity, and in the case that the line is fine, the battery should be replaced.


Short lighting time: The duration of the overcast and rainy days is short. It is usually caused by the decreasing of battery storage capacity and insufficient power storage, just replace the battery with a qualified one is ok.


Solar street lighting sources are incompletely bright: many solar energy street lights use dot matrix LED light source, in addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, some lamp beads are not soldered firmly, which will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, weld firmly or replace the entire lamp head.


2. Precautions for failure maintenance of solar street lighting


How to do a good job of lightning protection measures for solar energy street lights is the most headache and the most tested technology thing for many solar street lamp manufacturers. Lightning protection measures are especially important in open areas, high mountains, and areas where thunderstorms often occur.


Solar light for road grounding: This is the most important thing, use the rod body as the discharge body, the grounding grid is determined according to the geological soil, and the ground resistance is less than 10 ohms. The lightning arrester is mainly designed according to the power supply voltage. Because the circuit of LED street lamp will produce a spike voltage or current through it by electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction in thunder and lightning weather, thus affecting and destroying LED street lamp equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable LED lightning arrester to protect the surge voltage of the power supply line to avoid the lightning damage of most LED street lamps in the same area.

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