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Matters Needing Attention when Choosing a Solar Powered Street Lamp

In the current road lighting construction projects, more and more projects will choose to use a solar energy street light, which is determined by the obvious advantages of it, but there are many factors to consider when choosing to buy the solar energy street light to ensure the purchase of a suitable solar street light. What matters should be paid attention to in solar lights online shopping?


1. Pay attention to the quality of solar energy street light source

Most manufacturers have a 3-year warranty for the life of solar energy street light sources. When the solar energy street light factories make street lights, they will use high-quality LED light sources of major brands. Customers should check the LED light sources of the solar energy street light when choosing manufacturers to see if the lights have good heat dissipation performance. When purchasing solar lights online, if it is an LED light source, there must be a dedicated LED heat dissipation system. At the same time, it is necessary to observe whether the lamp is tightly sealed and the waterproof effect can meet the standard. If the waterproof is not good, the street lamp is prone to water ingress and short-circuit in the rain and snow weather, which may cause the street lamp to be damaged.


2. Pay attention to the quality of solar energy street light panels

The quality of solar energy street light panels is also related to the overall quality of the solar energy street light. We can check the sealing condition of the panels, process details, as well as the thickness of the tempered glass and the quality of the aluminum frame. In order to save costs, some unscrupulous businesses will use inferior tempered glass and thinner aluminum frames as fixing devices for solar cells. Such solar street energy light solar panels are often easily damaged during transportation with poor resistance to hail and water during use, so we must pay attention to these when choosing solar light online shopping.


3. Pay attention to the quality of solar street lamp battery

Solar powered street lamp batteries must use high-quality lithium batteries or gel batteries. Some manufacturers will use poor quality lithium batteries or gel batteries. Such batteries often fail to meet the expected service life and end prematurely. A battery with a certain capacity has a corresponding weight, and the solar street lamp battery can be weighed. If the weight is too large, it must not be used. You must learn whether there is a manufacturer's name and capacity label on the surface of the battery in solar light online shopping.

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