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Notes on the Selection of the Pole Solar Street Light

A Solar energy street light is more and more perfect because of its energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and technology. It is more and more recognized and used by people. Especially the solar energy street light can be installed independently, which is especially suitable for rural and remote areas with difficult traffic. Although the purchase cost of the solar energy street light is higher than that of the LED street light, the long-term cost is relatively low. How to choose a more cost-effective pole solar street light, and what issues should be paid attention to?


1. Battery of the pole solar street light


The pole solar street light converts light energy into electricity, so there is no need to worry about power outages. The core components of the solar energy street light generally last for more than 20 years. The long life and independent working system make the daily maintenance of the solar energy street light simple. Except for the battery, the pole solar street light with reliable quality will not cause too many problems. So in purchasing the solar energy street light, the quality of the battery needs to be carefully reviewed.


2. Solar cells of the pole solar street light


The effective working time of the solar cell of the pole solar street light is one of the most important parameters of the solar cell module. By confirming the effective time of the solar cell group, the daily power consumption and the power of the entire module can be calculated preliminarily, which is one of the performance indexes.


In case of continuous cloudy and rainy days, the maximum days the solar battery pack can be used is how long the entire solar energy street light system can work if it rains every day. This determines the time required for the battery to be fully charged. In some areas, there will be interval rainy seasons. The faster the charge, the better it can adapt to such weather conditions.


3. The heat dissipation performance of the pole solar street light


The heat dissipation performance determines the service life of the solar energy street light. Pole solar street light also uses LED lamp groups which are all semiconductor components. The higher the temperature, the shorter the service life. At the same time, the power provided by the battery is also affected by the temperature, so the heat dissipation performance is also one of the selection criteria.


These indicators are the basis for the purchase of the pole solar street light, which must also be considered in combination with the geographical location of the installation area, weather factors, and sunshine intensity.

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