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The Advantages of Solar Powered LED Garden Lights and Their Cleaning and Maintenance

We can see solar powered LED garden lights in many public places such as residential quarters, parks or tourist attractions. They not only decorate our city residences, but also provide a powerful guarantee for our night travel. Besides, today Anern will tell you what are the advantages of choosing solar powered LED garden lights. Garden lights occupies an important position in the lighting of our lives, and in terms of its cleaning and maintenance, it is also the most important part of the maintenance of solar powered LED garden lights in the community. Good maintenance can better protect garden lights and extend their service life. How to clean and maintain solar powered LED garden lights?


1. What are the advantages of solar powered LED garden lights?


Compared with other ordinary lamps and lanterns, which are short in use, easy to wear, and need to be replaced frequently, solar powered LED garden lights have super long service life: the theoretical service life of LED super energy-saving lights can reach tens of thousands of hours, and the service life of incandescent lamps is usually more than 1,000 hours. The product will play an infinite role thanks to its long-term use effect.


Solar powered LED garden light has high efficiency, low energy consumption, and reduces the cost of special equipment and lines for the power transmission and distribution. At the same time, the line loss in use is extremely low; in addition, the LED is easy to start, and it can be started continuously and immediately. Everyone knows that relatively ordinary lights will damage eyesight more or less, but solar powered LED garden lights, as a kind of solar power light, have low heat, no heat radiation, and do not contain mercury, sodium and other elements harmful to human health; at the same time, LEDs are all solid luminous bodies, which is impact resistant, not easy to break, waste recyclable, and have no pollution.


2. Cleaning and maintenance of solar powered LED garden lights


The cleaning of solar powered LED garden lights:

(1) Because the garden lights are in the open air, they are easily exposed to a lot of dust. This kind of dust cleaning method only needs to wipe clean with a damp cloth. It should be noted that the intensity should be moderate, because rubbing hard back and forth is easy to damage the light.

(2) When cleaning the interior of the light, remember to turn off the lamp completely. When wiping, you can try to remove the bulb separately and wipe it. If you clean it directly on the lamp, turn the bulb counterclockwise to avoid damage by over-tightening the lamp holder. The above is the part that needs attention when cleaning the light. So how do you usually maintain it?


Maintenance of solar powered LED garden lights:

(1) Minimize the number of using the switch of the lights in daily use. Frequent switching can easily reduce the service life of the garden lights.

(2) If the lampshade is tilted during use or cleaning, it can be corrected by hand. (3) When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoiding the three-pronged bracket in the lampshade from reflecting dark shadows when the light is on. (4) Do not hang objects on the light, such as hats, quilts, etc.

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