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The Difference of Solar Garden Lights in Different Places

Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger, and low-carbon and environmentally friendly life has been initiated. The use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular. Solar garden lights are a very good application example of using solar energy. Although for solar garden lights, we do not need to lay underground cables and pay for lighting electricity, we need carry out proper cleaning, protection and maintenance, so as to enable the service life of solar garden lights to be prolonged. Therefore, how should solar garden lights be cleaned?


1. How to clean solar garden lights


The household solar power yard lights, as one of the solar energy solutions, need to be cleaned. Since the solar power yard lights are exposed outdoors and often experience wind and rain, there will be a lot of dust on the lamps of the solar power yard lights. You need to wipe off the dust regularly with a damp cloth. This keeps the lamp pole clean as new. When scrubbing, you should pay attention to the direction of scrubbing, stick to one direction with the moderate intensity, and act gently for weak parts.


Cleaning the interior of the light. In some cases, we will clean the bulb. At this time, you should first make sure to turn off the solar power yard lights first, remove the bulbs before scrubbing, so as to avoid electric shock. If you want to scrub directly, please be careful not to over tighten the bulb clockwise, otherwise it will peel off due to over tightening.


2. The difference of solar garden lights in different places


The characteristics and styles of the solar power yard lights in the residential area:

(1) It must achieve a certain lighting effect, which is convenient for the residents to travel at night;

(2) It must fit the style of the entire environment, be consistent with the style of the entire community, and play a role in complementing each other;

(3) We must pay attention to aesthetics, to ensure it is neither too monotonous, nor too dazzling, so as not to cause aesthetic fatigue. According to the overall style of the community, two kinds of lamp types, Chinese and European styles can be prepared. The solar power yard lights of the community are generally arranged on the backbone road in the interwoven and symmetrical way. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the most suitable layout to satisfy requirements on lighting and aesthetics.


The solar garden light used for square street lamp is a part of the public building. It expresses the style and characteristics of a city. Therefore, it must have a strong artistic effect. First of all, its characteristics and styles should emphasize daytime beautification. The shape of the entire solar garden light should be considered according to the aesthetics of the entire square: artistic lighting should be considered at night, and the color of the lights should enhance the beauty of the square, and the role of lighting should also be considered for the benefit of the public. The second emphasis is on viewing, which means that the solar garden light itself must be beautiful in shape and can beautify and brighten the environment, thus acting as the cultural symbol of a city or a region. No matter where it is, the solar garden light is full of ornamental and use values.

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