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The Functions of Smart Solar Street Light

Once a lonely street lamp, with the rapid development of technology it has gained a new role and status. Research institutes have projected that the market for smart solar street light will reach $18 billion by 2024, as its seven major functions will turn it into a crucial information gateway, surpassing imagination.

Understanding Smart Solar Street Light

With the global development of the photovoltaic industry, solar street lights are no longer a novelty. Many scenic spots and distinctive towns have already installed this new type of street light. However, the core application area of street lights - urban streets - is not yet widely spread. In the coming years, clean energy cities will become more and more common, and development of smart solar street light will follow.

Understanding the Functions of Smart Solar Street Light

  • Save money by reducing electricity costs and maintenance expenses. Smart solar street light, unlike current grid-based street lights, can operate independently with a design of photovoltaic panels and storage batteries, reducing grid maintenance costs. In addition, since all the electricity generated is self-consumed, no money is paid to the grid, which is a significant cost savings.

  • Make money with each streetlight becoming a billboard. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, traditional static street light billboards will experience a significant upgrade, bringing revolutionary changes to street light advertising with video advertising and remote management. The commercial value goes without saying.

  • Environment monitoring, fire alerts, and barbecue killer. In the future, each smart solar street light can exist as a monitoring point, and by installing various monitoring devices, real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment can be achieved. The combination of sensor monitoring and video evidence will bring greater safety and convenience to urban life. A sudden fire or a rapid deterioration in air quality due to barbecue gatherings can trigger system auto-alerts.

  • Road condition monitoring and illegal behavior punishment. Electronic eyes will be ubiquitous in the future, and smart solar street lights are the best carriers. With good visibility and free eco-friendly electric power, the popularity rate will increase significantly. In addition to punishment for illegal behavior, it can also realize monitoring and charging for the surrounding parking spaces.

  • Communication base stations, making surfing easier and smoother. Without the Internet, it's still just a street light; with the Internet, it's a gateway. The aforementioned upgrades to advertising, environmental monitoring, road condition monitoring, illegal behavior punishment, and parking management are all based on networking, and real-time monitoring and video transmission pose high demands on the network.

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