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The Role of Solar Garden Lights and Precautions for Wiring

Nowadays, people's living standards have been greatly improved, especially in the economic aspect. Therefore, when people buy houses, they prefer houses with gardens. It is a very good life experience to effectively enjoy the shade in summer. Because the area of the garden is generally relatively large, it is recommended to buy some solar garden lights for use, which can effectively illuminate and provide great convenience to people's lives. However, the energy problem nowadays has caused a lot of follow-up impacts. We should choose green energy as much as possible, and solar garden lights can provide more help to people.


1. The role of solar garden lights


Solar garden lights, as one of the solar energy solutions, effectively use the solar energy collected during the day, which is converted into electric energy, which is well reused and recycled. The effective use of solar power yard lights can achieve a very good lighting effect. After all, we can collect sunlight and solar energy during the day. Effectively using some technical issues can transform electric energy and provide lighting for people. Especially in some cloudy and rainy days, the use of solar power yard lights can effectively prevent some circuit problems from causing unnecessary impact on people's safety, and at the same time can effectively ensure personal safety. This is a very good decision.


2. Precautions for the wiring of solar garden lights


(1) Handle with care when installing solar battery modules in solar power yard lights, and it is strictly forbidden to short-circuit solar battery modules.

(2) The threading parts of power cord and the junction box, the light pole and the solar cell module are sealed with silicone. The solar cell module connection wire must be firmly fixed at the bracket to prevent the power cord from being loosened or even falling off due to long-term sagging or pulling.

(3) When installing the lamp and light source of solar garden light, handle it gently to ensure that the diffuser is clean and free of scratches.

(4) Do not touch the battery terminals and safety valve when moving the battery, and it is strictly forbidden to short-circuit or roll the battery.

(5) When wiring the solar power yard lights, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, and it is strictly forbidden to connect them backwards. The wiring terminals are crimped firmly without looseness. At the same time, attention should be paid to the connection sequence and it is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the line.

(6) Do not touch the positive and negative poles of the solar cell module and the storage battery at the same time to prevent electric shock.

(7) Avoid scratching the lamp body during installation.

(8) The bolt connections of the lamp holder, lamp arm, upper lamp pole assembly, solar cell module, etc. are firmly connected without looseness.

(9) A protective board must be added when installing solar cell modules.

(10) The galvanized hole of the lamp pole should be sealed with the sealing device or silica gel matched with the lamp pole, and pay attention to the appearance. Solar powered yard lights are closely related to our life, and its quality is directly related to the image of people's lives, so we must increase the importance of solar powered yard lights.

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