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Village Solar Street Lamp Advantage into Rural Lighting Favorite

1. Solar lights for road used on rural roads


Using solar power generation has advantages that other traditional energy sources don't have, such as unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relatively extensive and sufficient energy, long life, and free maintenance, etc., photovoltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21st century.


With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, the application of solar energy will be more and more extensive, in particular, the field of solar power generation has developed into mature rising industry in just a few years. The solar light for road is one of the equipment, which is mainly suitable for the lighting of urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places.


In the construction of rural roads, village solar street lights have gradually replaced traditional street lamps due to their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no electricity charging, long service life and convenient maintenance. People no longer have to pay high electricity bills, and the rural lighting can be self-sufficient. Some friends questioned that the new village solar street lights are gimmicks, is this true?


2. Village solar street lights have become the darling of rural lighting


Simple installation: The construction process of traditional street lights is relatively complicated. In the early stage, a series of tasks such as digging, wiring and landfill need to be taken, which not only require a lot of manpower and material resources, but also waste the resource. The excavation of cable trench may also affect the safety of other lines and pipelines, so the installation cost is greatly increased. But the village solar street lights only need to dig a pit and landfill, no need to dig and wiring; and integrated solar lamps can also be installed on the existing electric rods, walls and other supports, which can reduce the steps of construction and save money at the same time.


Convenient maintenance: After a long time using , the traditional street lamps will face problems such as aging lines, the maintenance is very troublesome. If using the solar lights for road, then their components can be individually disassembled, which are more convenient to be replaced.


Lighting is not affected by power outages: Nowadays, many places are in the period of power rationing, if it's a traditional street lamp, then it's not able to light up during the period of power outage. While the village solar street light uses solar panels to convert light energy into electricity for lighting, which is not affected by commercial power supply, of course, there is no need to pay electricity bills. Because the village solar street light does not need to lay the wire, and there is no power outages, it can solve the problem of remote mountainous areas that it's difficult to lay wires and it's plagued by power off.

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