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Waterproof Treatment of Solar Garden Lights

Nowadays, the gardens of various communities have become people's walking places after meals. After eating and drinking, strolling along the beautiful surrounding trails is to relieve the tired body and mind. Even if night falls, don't be afraid, because there are solar garden lights to guide you. As a new energy source, solar energy meets the requirements of environmentally friendly life. The popularity of solar powered yard lights meets the lighting needs of all large and small communities. However, in the use of many solar powered yard lights, due to the negligence or irresponsibility of the manufacturer, the normal lighting and waterproof property cannot be guaranteed. Then, if water seeps into the solar powered yard lights, what kind of waterproof treatment should we do?


1. Understand the solar garden lights


Solar garden light series lighting is a commonly used form of decoration and lighting source configuration in garden scenic spots, cultural leisure and entertainment squares, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, residential quarters, and both sides of the carriageway. It is a decorative lighting product. The solar power light post has various materials, flexible use of light sources, and various forms of structure. It is an organic combination of beautification, lighting, and greening, and the perfect crystallization of light and shadow, light and art.


2. Waterproof treatment of solar garden lights


In order to improve the waterproof treatment of solar powered yard lights controllers, a small method is proposed: most of the light controllers are installed in the lampshade, battery box, and generally water will not enter into them, but there will be some problems in the actual case project, such as improper installation or the circuit board of the controller is not treated with three-proof paint, which causes rainwater to flow into the solar street light controller along the external wiring of the controller's terminal, and then causes a short circuit.


Therefore, during construction, we should pay attention to bending the internal connection wire of the controller terminal into a "U" shape and fix it, and the connection wire exposed to the outside should also be fixed into a "U" shape to ensure that the controller will not be short-circuited due to rainwater. Or waterproof glue is applied to the interface of the internal and external wires to improve waterproof property.


In the actual use of solar powered yard lights, because some irresponsible manufacturers use related components of inferior quality in order to reduce costs, they do not design according to requirements, and reduce the use standards of battery panels and batteries, then water may seep into the controllers. The waterproof performance of the solar controller should be good to ensure the normal lighting of the solar garden light and avoid the hidden safety hazards due to short circuits caused by water ingress. Of course, choosing a good solar street light manufacturer is also very important.

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