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What Are the Advantages of the Solar Street Light with Lithium Ion Battery?

Batteries are the main equipment for solar street lights. At present, the batteries used in the solar energy street light mainly include lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Several kinds of batteries have their own advantages, so which battery is more suitable for the solar energy street light? Among them, lithium batteries are becoming more and more favored by the solar industry because of their higher service life than other batteries.


1. What is the solar street light with lithium ion battery


The solar street light with lithium ion battery is basically composed of solar panels, solar controllers, lithium batteries, light sources, and solar lithium batteries. The lithium-ion battery solar street lights are more intelligent with a long service life, do not need to be replaced frequently, and save later maintenance costs. The solar street light with lithium ion battery is moderately priced with a long service life. Most people on the market use lithium-ion battery solar street lights.


2. What are the advantages of the solar street light with lithium ion battery?


The lithium battery used in the lithium-ion battery solar street lamp is a controllable, non-polluting energy storage battery. Unlike the lead-acid battery that needs to be replaced in two or three years, the life of the lithium battery used in the solar street light with lithium ion battery is generally greater than 10 years, and in the solar street lamp system, the life of the LED light source is generally up to 10 years (about 50,000 hours) , The choice of lithium battery can perfectly match the system, eliminating the tedious process of frequent battery replacement.


The solar street light with lithium ion battery can also intelligently optimize the calculation of battery remaining capacity, day and night time, weather conditions and other factors according to user's needs, reasonably allocate power consumption levels. At the same time, it realizes the functions of light control, time control and storage memory, which can ensure the lights are on continuous cloudy and rainy days for at least ten days. The solar street light with lithium ion battery is safer. Lithium batteries are of the nature of dry batteries, which are more stable and safer than lead-acid batteries.

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